couple 2   “I am trying to open up your heart”


Ivy’s Memory Makers by Ivy Lynns

Two roses were placed on the table in front of me.

I sat at a coffee shop making notes to myself and drinking coffee when I looked up two beautiful roses had been placed on the table in front of me.  My heart started to race, as I could feel the present of someone standing close behind me.  Then a rich deep voice said, “I enjoyed watching you today, and I hope that I can watch you again tomorrow”.

I smiled looking at what had been placed in front of me, it touched my heart, as if it were about burst.  I looked toward the direction of the voice, to see the person as they were walking away.  I thought to myself…

I love romantic guestures, many things can open your heart.

There are people and things that will remind you how great life is.  An amazing book, or movie, or a true story about life.  Live a little.