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I am inspiring myself, “The Journel”


Dear O and friends,

I am still working on inspiring myself, the motivation is getting mixed in with all the work.

The young, they may not have the DESIRE to drive them, but they have talent to pick up. Some of the young do not have TALENT but they have a natural ability to pick up. Then there are the others who do not need that NATURAL ability because they are young and can pick up on anything  fast. Who needs motivation when you young?

I was listening to this motivational tape one day, I think it was called, “The Strangest Mystery”. It said people are not motivated to do more, when they know they will have a check to live on. There is no drive to accomplish more, when your being paid to do what you are doing already.  Some people do not recycle, because they already paid for the can.  Why save a penny while you have a dollars in your pocket.

Sorry I am off the subject, now where am “I” today that is a good question? I have always had desire as an artist, and the inspiration to be a writer but something was missing, oh I know it was the check that was paying  the bills.  Now that is not my issue, back to straight hard work and my ambition, mixed in with the desire.  What I do not have is the the natural ability of youth, that means the learning curve is gone.

By Ivy Lynns, journal “I am inspiring myself today”
Based on I don’t want to wake up in the same place tomorrow.

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Mommy Living Dolls

Mommy’s Living Dolls Trilogy:
By Ivy Lynns
Susanna Ross, Sykes, Carrington wanted her daughters to be groomed and raised in the perfect image just like the beautiful dolls she had as a child. Nevertheless, they were not children anymore nor would they be her living dolls.
Book One: In Honor of His Wife, Olivia
She lost her memory of her past. The doll that was broken.
Book Two: The Shame of the Family, Samantha
She kept a secret from everyone. The doll that was stored away.
Book Three: The Hidden Wild Side, Maxie
The good doctor had a great bedside manner. She was the doll that was taken off the shelf.


Now on sale now Book One (Olivia) and Book Two (Samantha) and coming soon Book Three (Maxie).

Book two coverMLD OliviaBook Three Maxie

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Book Three: Mommy Living Dolls

Book Three Maxie

Blogging My update on what is going on.

Good morning, I am in edit mode. Working on book three of Mommy’s Living Dolls, Maxie. This is the final of the trilogy, I am very excited. Maybe by the end of the week just in time for the holiday weekend, I may have a preview of the book ready. I promise you are going to l love it.

Ivy Lynns xoxoxo


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Promotion of “Ivy’s Memory Makers”

I have been working on other  projects today, so I  was not able to figure out the Pro and Cons on why people like Word Press more, but it is on the list.   Until then, I still have my regard sites going to see what happens, I have: (go daddy)

Ivy Lynns. google plus (this is where I am meeting the most new people)

Ivy Lynns (facebook)

Ivys Memory, also but that is another account I don’t get.

and today……I start my first Yahoo account ever.

I try to do tweeter also.  That may take a minute, I got stuck on five people I would want to follow.