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Today, I woke up and felt Great.

Some days we wake up and we are in such a rush that we do not even realized how wonderful we feel compared to the night before.  On the show Family Feud,  one of the questions was, “How early do you get up before you have to go to work?”  Someone said and hour, and someone else said thirty minutes.

On Sundays most people do not have to work, how long before you finally get up?  Most of us take Saturday to do things around the house, some may hang out with friends through the night.  This is the day most allow themselves to do nothing, so what your motivation to get up?

It is Sunday and you can’t even think what would get you up out of bed.  Is there any place you want to go anything you need to do?

Think about this past week, that is now over and gone, but you can testify you are still here, in spite of every things that may have happened.  In spite of the things that you may have heard or saw this week, the sad events, and problems that you experience during the week, you are still here.  That is reason enough to get up and give thanks to God for this today on Sunday and every day.


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Breakfast and Lunch of the Champion

A lot of people when they gain a little weight will start by limiting what they eat for breakfast and lunch.  Some will cut out the two meals completely, choosing to starve until dinnertime.  Then there are others who choose liquid diets, shakes that  are supplements meals.  They are all good ideals depending on what you can stick with.

Years ago I worked with a person who would bring two bowls of cereal and two cups of milk to work everyday for breakfast and lunch.  She said that she fixed the same thing for her husband each day also to take with him to work.  It wasn’t that she was over weight and needed to lose pounds, for her it was simple and the cheapest thing for lunch.

I knew she owned a home, I visited it and it was a very nice place; she also had two cars that were fairly new.   She had told me once that all everything that owned was paid off except for the mortgage, they only had only one credit card.  But from many talks I knew she never liked to spend money unless she had to.  Of course if she and her husband really wanted something they would buy it in cash like a new swimming pool even though she herself did not swim, otherwise they tried not to spend extra money.  The picking and choosing of what she spend money on, with her started with lunch money.

Thinking of the cost of most women clothing, shoes and purse could probably be a mortgage payment, the saving could buy a house.

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Breath 1




Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:   John 11.25




I felt like this person here this past week, being bonded not alive but still living. You remember the story of Lazarus from the bible, Jesus brought him back from the dead.  But it is story of how his sisters Mary and Martha anger with Jesus that is the focus.
Life can be like that sometimes when so much is happening and keeps on happening, that you really do forget to breath.

That  is why I love going to my church on Sundays, especially when I am down.  When I listen to the words it is like God is sending me a message that I need to hear.  I admit that I have been going though somethings lately, so I needed a special word this past week.  Mary and Martha wept because they had giving up hope when Jesus did not come to save their brother Lazarus.  I was reminded of the things that we give up on like family, friends, and love ones.  We all have someone or something that we want to give up on and want to walk away from as if there is no hope or redemption.  It is part of life, but the good part is we are still alive and with that there is hope and redemption by just breathing. If you do not believe that there is redemption just ask a Jason Blair and other who has felt their entire life falling before them.

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He is blessing me



Today a song came in my mind, for no particular reason called, “He is blessing me”.  When I looked up the song on YouTube, a I came up with at VHS video from the Gospel Four.   I don’t know why this song was in my mind today, but I know I have been blessed so many times in my life and I try to thank God in the good times and  in the bad times.  Maybe because I am struggling right now with getting the website done, the book done and getting the personal life in order.   I have known people who the moment they go through a rough patch they call on everyone even God.  But later after their rough patch is over, they remember no one not even God.

Have you ever heard for every door that closes, another one opens?  Right now a lot of door are closing for a lot of people.  But it is how you handle the closing of that door is just as important.  Some people will have a force rest time that was  greatly, in order to get their life in order.  Other will make the big change like myself and go a completely new direction.   Even knowing of the possibility of a door was closing is not a warning order most people to get prepared, then when it happens they don’t know how to handle it.  If you had faith you know how to handle it.  Pray on it and know that God will be there as you go through the storm.

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Am I Wrong

Am I Wrong” by Nico & Vinz

 I must have heard this song, first thing in the morning, for a week straight on the VH1.  The song is great, but the words are what I was really listening to.  Thinking outside the box is something that I admire about a successful person.  A person that can take a sour lemon and makes lemonade.  I admire a person who has vision.


Have you ever been in love?  That is a vision we all want, just like we all want affection,  we want all desire it, and we all thrust for that one and only person.  There is nothing wrong with those feelings either.  The feeling of love that one person gives you, that special feeling can take you way out the box. 


The feeling for your own child can allow you to see things in a direction you never expected to go.  Remember the movie Baby Boom, with Diane Keaton, that was one of my all time favorites.  A high power executive who becomes a mother, when her cousin dies leaves her with the responsibilities of raising a small child.  After she looses her job and her boyfriend, her love for the child changed her whole vision on her life.  We all are willing to make changes when feeling are involved.

Ivy Lynn,  “I trying to open up your heart”

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“You can have whatever you like”


T.I. song, “Whatever you like”

Picture yourself working in a burger joint and someone likes what they see in you.  He tell you, “Your to pretty to be working in a place like this”.  Next thing you know you’re in another world, the world of the rich and famous.  That is a lovely thought.

What is it that you would like, the money, the fame, the lifestyle?  Can you really have whatever you like?  Some of use would like to have just half of Mark Zuckerberg money or just have half the talent of Ariana Grande.

There is a funny thing about likes.  You can have whatever you like but there is going to be some work involved, some sacrificing involved.

You can have whatever you like, but you may need to do some studying.  You may need to work a little harder.  You can have whatever you like if you stay up late not playing games on the internet but reading and learning something new.

You can have whatever you like in the present and in the future, but you will have to do some work for it.  What are the odds of winning the lottery?  Even then you have to play to win.

How many people will have someone walk up to them and say, “You can have whatever you like”.  That person most liking worked hard to have success, fame and fortune.  You can have whatever you like; or you can be just like the woman in the video waking up, and realizing she was still working at the burger joint asking people, what would you like?

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I understand what depression can do.



Life can seem “Grey”

The “Fifty shades of Grey” won’t help depression, even though, depression can come in fifty shades of grey.  They say that Robin Williams was suffering from depression, and he had Parkinson’s disease, anxiety is a related factor in both cases.  Obviously everyone who has depression does not have Parkinson’s disease, but with major depression there will be anxiety.

If that person is a love one, there are things, you will want to know.  Like the fact that, more people then you think suffer from depression, both the young and the old.  There are treatments and medications that are recommended for depression, the doctor will give you the options.  I myself was diagnosed with depression a few years back and went through treatment.

Can a person recover from depression, that is something I have never heard?   Depression happens in life, but the holding on to that sadness or to the mood, they consider it major depression.  There may be other disorder that are in play with the depression, like Parkinson’s disease.  Some symptoms maybe:

1. A depressed mood that coming mostly in the morning.

2. There is fatigues or loss of energy.

3. A hard time concentrating, or making decisions.

4. Insomnia (inability to sleep) or sleeping too much.

5. A lost of interest of pleasure

These are a few of the warning signs, of course, there are other signs.  See more on symptoms and treatment of depression at:

Both are important to know if you or a love one is feeling depressed.  A lot of people may say they want to help, but if you really want to help be informed.  The person in your house may say they are fine, but are they, know the warning signs.  Give your love one support and encourage them to seek help.

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How do you accept a Doctor’s diagnosis?

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How do you accept a doctor’s diagnosis?

You have Parkinson’s disease.  The doctor’s tells you that, you think, isn’t that the disease that Michael J. Fox and Robin Williams have.

Your mind will go in a thousand directions anytime the doctor gives you that kind of news.  Of course, if he says disease a person mind wonder, how did I contract this?  You think to yourself,  I exercise and eat the right food.  Guess what you have a disease, like thousands of people.
Could I have done something in order not to have gotten this disease?  Well, no one wants to have cancer, but hundred of thousands do get it.  Hundred of thousand also get the flu, no one is exempt from illness.

The doctor will give you the options, hopefully you will trust his advice.  If not research it for yourself and look into what are your other options. The most important part is do something.  If you workout and eat healthy, this would not be the time to give up.  There is treatment even for Parkinson’s disease.  Remember that family will be their for you, they want to help you, give them the chance to help.

What is Parkinson disease? A brain disorder that can lead to shaking and there can be difficulty with coordination, walk and movement.  There is also depression associated with the disease at a greater level.