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How do you accept a Doctor’s diagnosis?

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How do you accept a doctor’s diagnosis?

You have Parkinson’s disease.  The doctor’s tells you that, you think, isn’t that the disease that Michael J. Fox and Robin Williams have.

Your mind will go in a thousand directions anytime the doctor gives you that kind of news.  Of course, if he says disease a person mind wonder, how did I contract this?  You think to yourself,  I exercise and eat the right food.  Guess what you have a disease, like thousands of people.
Could I have done something in order not to have gotten this disease?  Well, no one wants to have cancer, but hundred of thousands do get it.  Hundred of thousand also get the flu, no one is exempt from illness.

The doctor will give you the options, hopefully you will trust his advice.  If not research it for yourself and look into what are your other options. The most important part is do something.  If you workout and eat healthy, this would not be the time to give up.  There is treatment even for Parkinson’s disease.  Remember that family will be their for you, they want to help you, give them the chance to help.

What is Parkinson disease? A brain disorder that can lead to shaking and there can be difficulty with coordination, walk and movement.  There is also depression associated with the disease at a greater level.



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