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Thank you for this morning. They say a good day starts the night before, but mine started this morning.



This morning, dear Lord, I woke up.

This morning, my heart opened up.

This morning, I cried tears of happiness.

This morning, I felt so much joy.

This morning, I felt your present.

This morning, I woke up, I knew that

you would be there with me and

I want to say, ”Thank you”.

It’s a good day to be in your present.

By Ivy Lynns, “I am trying to open up your heart”.

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Life  Is  About Changes

Change does not happen overnight it is a process.  You have to work on every part of your life. There is a mental and physical side of the process that you have to make changes to.

Move on 2IMAG2170

I was telling my mentor, Big How about all the things that I was hoping to accomplish like the finishing of my final book, in my book series.  I have been working constantly, because I am a new writer there is so much to learn.  There is so much to learn and do in order to keep up with the times.   When I was working my job, I never had to worry about things like the keep updated because that was the employers responsibility.  Now I am on my own to see what would be required to get a book written, promoted and sold these days.  The blogging is a bonus in order to network with people and generate thoughts.

Big How had all kinds of suggestions for me in order to me to move forward.  One thing he said was that part of the process should including working on me.  The mind and body working together,  he said put that on the “to do list”.   He is aware that I have a lot of  things that I am trying to do at one time.  I understood what he was saying take care of you, but it had not been included in my schedule to make time for me.  I had now put it one the “to do list” , until now.

So now I have added to my many things to my schedule:

1. A diet program

2. Exercise or workout program.



“Work the body, then work the mind”





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Are you watching anything good this week?

TV Watching
I can’t wait til next week, hopefully the show will still be on.
Sorry, I slept through that show.














Have you watched any of the new shows yet.  What do you think is worth watching this season?  This is very important because it is a new season for must see television show.  I like most people have certain shows that I am looking forward to watching again for the new season, my regular shows; but what about the shows that were cancelled last season.  Well they have been replaced.  There is a whole new group of shows to replaces them.  There is about 26 new shows that will air this week, out of the 350 shows that aired during the year.

Not that I will be watching all of them, I am like most people have a certain type of show which I like to watch, some people only stick with dramas shows, others prefer mysteries, then there are criminal shows and there are the reality shows that are popular.  When it come to the new shows most people will stick with the type of shows that interest them in the same group.

I wonder how many taping of a new shows they do before there is a chance it will be cancelled.  Obviously promotion is everything, I was thinking about Comic Con, that is when I heard about the show Blacklist for the first time.  I did watch its preview at Comic Con and James Spader is a good actor.  I have to admit that was my first time for me to going to Comic Con, but when the show air it really was better than I expected.  I did not expect to be sitting on the edge of my seat watching a television show.  This year I also went to Comic Con for my second time there were two shows that aimed to draw the most attention Constantine and Gotham.

I have my shows that I look forward to watching regularly, so if the new shows happens to air before or after one of my favorite shows there is a chance I will watch it.   I did watch Scorpion on Monday, because it was right after the premier of Big Bang Theory, it was a pretty good show.  I had not heard of the show until a couple of days before it aired.

Well lets see how the rest of the week goes for all the other new shows hoping to get your attention and mine.  The chopping block can be so cold.   The Washington Post, I notice only give two new show an A- rating, that is the rating it gave Blacklist, so what about the other 24 new shows.  They gave Scorpion an F also, listen to me I watch a lot of crime shows it was alright.

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image 5











I feel bad today, I am getting sick.  It like when you are so under pressure  from not getting things completed.  You know what I am talking about, you have so many things to do that you don’t know where to start.  Many people do it set high standards of all the things that they want to accomplish.  I have paperwork that is piling up for me to work on.  There are phone calls to make or call back on; emails to respond to, but there no is no time. Many people tend to do that in life thinking they can take care of it all in a couple of day, with hard work.  Pushing ourselves to harder to get in done, but we look up and the pile is even high then when we started.  I have been working to clear away my stuff and my pile has been getting higher also.

Well this is just a suggestion, take a long breath of air, then pill out your priority list and tear it up.   Time to start fresh with new list and new ideas to change your thought process.  When you are thinking too many things at one time, it is the same as doing to many things a one time.

The thought on doing one thing and doing it well will get lost in that pile of things to do.  No one can do everything, no matter how many people call you a super person, there will be something that was compromised.  The good news is there is always time for you to put things back in order.  Start over and make the changes so that you can see yourself completing some of your goals.

I may consider myself a super person in  multitasking, but I am guilty of taking it to far.  If you could see my “To do list” right now you would agree.  What is the use of setting goals, if you never achieve the goals that you are setting.

In the meantime don’t load up on the caffeine, maybe do a couple jumping jacks or take a walk instead to clear your mind.

by Ivy Lynns, “I don’t want to wake up in the same place tomorrow”

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the duggar Mellon



I was thinking of families in the world today.  Most people today are not willing to have 19 kids, like the Duggar family who has their own reality show on television.  What kind of income is needed for a family of that side manage, if they did not have their own reality show.  I know large families use to be the American dream, but these days the average family is struggling with just two children.  There is the time because most mothers have to work while taking care of a family, in order for the American dream to be achieved.

Forbes magazine says one of the richest families is the Mellon, of Mellon Bank; they only have two children so far.  Considering money is no object they could if they wanted to have as many children as they want, but will they?

I know this country population has gone down over the years because of  the change in the family focus.  They say China has a one child law now, but in the 1960 just like in USA the average family was five or six children.  They claim to be running out of space in China to build which is not the problem we have here in the USA. The focus in the USA is income vs living expenses and rightfully so.

Let’s dream a little,  if we had a job, any one job that could pay a house note, how much would it have to pay?  Then think about how much would you need to make in order to marry and support children not just one?  We worry about so many things these days like the amount of income, but for what?  The average person is having a hard time right now, let alone manage, because you have to the money to manage.  No wonder people seem more angry and the life goals are gone.  Some where we started looking for the wrong things in life there is no happy picture of a wife and kids in our dreams.

What ever happen to when you are young the sky is the limit.  There days young adults are working on set up goal or to accomplishing something, anything at a the time that they should be looking forward to a family.  If you take a look at what is happening in the world again in China consider they one of the most wealthiest countries.  They are  overpopulated even though the people are underpaid.  Here in the states, we are what?  I see a lot of homes out there that need to be filled.  There are people working low-income jobs and people who have no jobs, vs there are people who have more money then they will spend in a lifetime.  Our family’s value is going away, but not for the reason we think.  We don’t have a limitation on families growth, or having a family limitation has been set by the cost of living.

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Do you have faith or does someone have faith in you?








Is there anything that you believe in or have a great fear of? What are your greatest hopes? Do not say you have none, because everyone does. We all have emotions, desires, and feelings for something that happens in life.

That person has no feelings, he has no heart, she acts like she did not care, every heard anyone say that before.

It is hard to separate your body from your emotions, even when you have to for the sate of people around you. I would feel bad if I have to let someone down at a time when they really depended on me. I need to be at the doctors, I have a job interview, or I need your help with a problem. That person asked you for my help because they had faith, in you to be there for them.

I know this sounds more like a problem with most relationships and families when you talk about faith in a person. The baby starts to depend on you the moment it is born. You made a promise the moment the child was put in your arm. When you say the words, I love you to a person that a promise, also. If you break your promise will they lose all faith in you.

Would that be your greatest fear to not be there at the moment someone depend on you the most. Have you ever been at the place, a broken promise when you felt as if you let someone DOWN?

I was told a story about a person who was given a promise over and over again by another person, that had promise to help them and be there for them. But when the time came they were missing in action, and never even tried to make amends, or say I am sorry. Even after the person called them repeatedly, they did not take the call.

There is God’s faith and there is people’s faith it may not be the same, but put it with the emotions, desires and feelings. Turn that same thought around, do you know you could lose everything by a chain of act because one person you put your faith in did not come through?

Think about it faith goes both ways.


broken heart


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Support a Dream

Dear O and Friends,

I had a visit from “Big” How yesterday, he gave me a lot of input on my projects and told me to keep up the good work.

Thanks “Big” How.

Input/Likes are very important when you are working hard.

I know a lot of people who have had dreams and never followed through with them just because they gave up or did not put forth the effect of trying. That is very important even for children.

When we were young we have a bookshelf load down with 100’s of trophies, there were six children so it was more like over 200 trophies. We motivated ourselves, and our parent support our dreams.

What about you? Do you have a dream that you did not follow through on, did you just give up because it was too much work?   Don’t do it follow through, then when your own children come up to you with their dreams you will be able to support them also.