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Tomorrow’s Halloween,

Tomorrow is Halloween, what costumes do you expect to see and what costumes would you not expect to see?


I am not much into the dressing up and going to parties, it really is for you kids.  Even though the children today don’t get excited about anything the way we did when we were younger.  We don’t get the groves of children lining at the door the moment is gets dark like in the old days.  It is no wonder, as I walked through the store earlier, even Wal-mart has their Halloween items at mark down 60 percent already.


This is the time for stores to start making major money.  But the Halloween costumes really did not have a place, most local stores have already started to put Christmas decorations, right at the door.  I was checking Amazon’s the top selling Halloween costumes this year.


Amazon Custome

Most costumes can be kept simple

Where is Waldo?  Put on a red and white shirt and hat with glass.

Mary Poppin, the cap and carry and umbrella.

Clark Kent, a suit and tie, with glass.

Dracula, we expect, a cap and white shirt and black pants

Captain Hook, we expect, cap and pirate costume.

Cat women we expect, the black stocking.

I expect to see a lot of dead people, because of the Walking Dead show, seem to be popular.




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Read and Learn from Goggle, Will you like their Enhanced Ecommerce?

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Who are these people, in your life? I bet they will do anything for you.

The people in your life, will they always be there for you as you move through the ups and downs of life? Will they love and support you in the good times and the bad times?

I am thinking of the many stories of success, in those stories, there are also stories of failures. Are they your friends because you are doing well? When you get to a spot, where you are struggling, did these same friends support you, even when you did not have two nickels to rub together.

It is sad, but true everyone wants to know people who are doing well. A person doing the right thing doesn’t get as much support, as a successful person. Is it true that saying,Birds of a feather flock together“? These people will they have your back, will they hang with you because they too, have the same desire to be on top?


I have some people who support me by following me and telling me to keep going you will make it. These are the ones who know what is required to succeed. The funny part is I have people who are around me often, but they are not the ones who are following. They do not realize the amount of work that is required, even for the most successful people like: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Oprah. Becoming wealthy or well-known does not happen overnight. A person with or without a degree has to start somewhere, they had to follow some kind of example.

Some of the people who follow me right now must think. She is all over the place with her work and her studies. Guess what, you have to study and learn is the whole point. If it is a excellent or great ideal, how will you know if you do not know what is good ideal? I love to read and I love to study, everything. How do you think I move from business to romance, or from romance to business? I, myself, studying both sides of the coin, in these times, there is a lot required to be successful:

You have to be open to brand new ideals.

You have to be flexible to completely new ways of doing things.

Even a little knowledge goes a long way.

Be willing to try, all kind new ways.

Look for the next great ideal.

Be willing to do something many different ways.

Don’t be afraid of rejection.

Back to the people in your life, first most people have friends they have known for a long time. If they do not share the alike interest, and are will have to travel the same path through school and college, somewhere along the way you will part ways. The person you choose to marry or as a partner, they too are important. They have to be for you or against you. There can only be one person to claiming head of a house on the tax return.

Even the top drug dealer will not allow friendship to mess up his deal. There is no friendship or family compassion when it comes business. Most people who are aiming for success may spend many nights.

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“I Feel Like Dreaming”

That everything I did people, “Liked”.



I know it is a dream, but dreams do come true, don’t they. Just like love, maybe that is a bad example. No everyone loves and likes something at one point in their life. Your mother, father, sister, brother, kids, see wife or spouse is way down on the list.

Alright then dream of success, dream of money, it is said that you have the visualize it, work on that.  In the mean time, I have a dream that you will,  “Like” me.

Marketing You is Always A Great Opportunity.

It’s Friday, time to that exam.  One of the things, I have been reading about is on effective marketing.

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I was listening to a marketing video where a man was trying to sell a book.  He said he was not a writer, he just wrote the book.  So he hired an editor to edit his book.  He was not a writer but he had a story and knew what he wanted to project.  When the editing was completed, he felt that the stories was changed some how so he changed it back.  He knew where he wanted to go with his book ideal.  We all know where we want to go in life, most people have a goal they want to achieve.

When you were in school the teacher gave you an assignment to write a story.  You spend the whole night trying to do your best.  Then when you turn it in, the teacher takes a good five minutes to write all over the things she see wrong.  She returns it to you and tell you to do it again.

You may have worked hard on that paper for the class assignment.  Studies to make sure the information was correct, and prepared it perfectly when you turned it in.  The teacher by correcting your paper, she was teaching you something.  It is your opportunity to grow and learn.

On the video, this person wanted to sell he book.  He took the time to have it corrected.  He also spent thousands of dollars trying to get the book on the market, trying to promoted the his book.  Until he came across the one opportunity that changed everything.  The one opportunity that made his dreams come true.  He did not know this was going to be it, sometimes we can go through the motion.  From that one opportunity he was able to sell millions of books.



There is always more to a success story, he was willing to spend the thousands of dollars to promote his book.  He was also will to do something else in order to achieve success, not give up.

Opportunities are opened up to you everyday, sometimes it not what you think it is or how you would like it to be.  You can’t get disappointed when things don’t work out as you planned, and give up on your dreams.

There will be another opportunity, if you continue.

See things through.

Make changes if you have to.

But don’t give up.

Most important do the research otherwise you really won’t know how many opportunities are available.

I learned a lot of things this week, it is a process just like in school.  Keep following me.  I have some interest things to show you.