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The Needs versus the Wants, the Greedy versus the Needy.

Can you want more than you need? Will the Greedy ever help the Needy?

I am blessed to have a family member which will cook for the holidays. I am blessed to have a home that will welcome people in who don’t have a place to go. Their family may be not be keeping the tradition of getting together for the holidays and opening up their front door to others. My family is large, and we are used to cooking above and beyond, but as long as we have food to give we will.

I also help with the church homeless ministry; I started helping my mother when she was heading the ministry at her church. Whatever she asked my or my family to do for the ministry we would. Everyone one of my brothers and sisters when asked will help if they can, we are in no way rich we just love people. When you grow up in a large family, you know about sharing the work, the food, the clothes. You also know about helping one another and other that you meet along the way.






The Greedy versus the Needy, the wants versus the needs.

We all would have love to have a big house, but to have a roof over your head can mean so much to someone else.

Do you remember the story by Hans Christian Andersen“The Emperor’s New Clothes?

When you are walking around in the top designer clothes,  and living in larger than life expensive home, what are people really seeing?

Remember the Billionaire’s Pledge, who was the Greedy who said,No Way?Like I said I come from a family of givers, we are used to sharing. You don’t have to be a billionaire to care for others, if you are wealthy, is donating a tax write off enough?

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I am happy, I am thankful. I am thankful, I am happy.

Thanksgiving is over Christmas is in full force. I know they start Christmas sales early, but again it feels as though people were not in the mood. I had dinner at home with family.  Then went afterward,  to family house where they were all preparing for dinner also. There seems to be very little talk of Christmas sales, or the exciting that day coming up in four weeks. 


IMG2186 IMG2187









It just a feeling but I think everyone has all they need at the moment, which made the meals better.  That at great feeling to have everything you need.  See how easy it is to be happy and thankful.  I know everyone wants it all and no matter how great the meal is there is no replacement for the heart desires. Like I would have love to be further along on website and my book editing. Some people that did not make it, I would have loved it if they had come. Even though I did not want to go out and fight the crowds as I have over the years, I have to admit money is an issued with me just like everyone else.

It seems like I am whining, and the major holidays have just begun. It’s that priority thing again. Make room for every part of your like can be hard. There should be some good times just like the bad ones.

Think about what is your greatest joy of the holiday? Did you know you don’t have to go all out to enjoy it?  Remember the movie, “Miracle on 34th Street.”  Your present may just be enough to make someone’s day.

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Thanksgiving means so much more than a meal, it’s family and friends day.

img999Church Homelessjpg








I normally make a lot of desserts for the holidays, but I was asked only to make a pie. I was instructed to only one pie for the church and one a pie for the family dinner.

Of course, I expect to have more than just pie for the Thanksgiving Dinner. I expect to see a turkey, a ham with some greens, mashed potatoes, stuffing with a lot of desserts. The family has tradition has to be up held, there has to be lots of food. It not about eating a lot of food, it about be able to share a meal.

Sunday, the church that I attend took over eighty people off the street, took them somewhere that they could have a bath and gave them fresh clothing. We at the church also prepared a large meal for them after the church service. That was a welcome to God’s house. We would not expect less when it comes to welcoming the family.

This Thanksgiving I will miss my son, who is serving overseas, and a very special aunt who we always shared this day with.

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope there you enjoy the day with family and friends.

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Choose the Family gathering vs Black Friday sales.

On Thanksgiving, the family use to sit down together and have a good meal. That was before everyone was so social on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and the other social media. I mean the holidays are supposed to be the time for the family to get together and hang out, enjoy each other.

I don’t know about your family but just the basic meal is sparking a fight. One person wants potatoes; one person wants mac and cheese, and another person would like yams. The preparation for a family happy holiday loses something when someone is standing over you telling you that you are making gravy all wrong.

Once the meal is ready to eat, you gather the family away from the television, computer, iPhone, iPads, and Laptops, to say a word of grace.  Can you believe some family member will be late just to avoid this part or the special day?









Now the family gathering can also be interrupted by the Black Friday sales that start on Thanksgiving Day. I remember last years when we did stand in line waiting to go into Walmart to the big sales. I have to admit they were very clever; the sales items will not be put out until the sales time, they separated everything on sales in different location. Making you hunt all over the store. Each location had over hundred people waiting for the same item.

At Kmart, they will allow you to put sales items on layaway. Standing in the line the year before was even crazier.

This year I will take my chance at the family gathering and do some online shopping.  After all it is Thanksgiving, and the family does going through a lot of trouble.

How do you handle family conflicts, obviously we have to get a long and love one another?

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Have you noticed that people are angrier these days?

I shared this a few days before the Michael Brown verdict. Do you think that any type of open communication from the family, the community, or the law enforcement would have helped?


Have you noticed that people are angrier these days?.

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Wake up and start again.

My computer was down for a week. This was not the first time, but for the entire week agonized over the situation. What was wrong, did I need to get it replaced or fix? What about all the working that I had stored on my computer, was it gone forever. After one week, trying to decide while my world was going around me, I only had to do the very least.

This same week I had my adventure at the Price is Right show on CBS, and my church picked up eighty homeless people from off the street. They were taken to a place where they for shower, gave them fresh clothes and the most wonderful meal. Both events required a lot of preparations. I was run from here and there along with worrying would I have to be out on Black Friday looking for a new computer. Lucky everything went well; computer is workable; The Price is Right show taping went better than expected concerning the one person who was chosen happen to work just as hard for the church homeless.


Price 8IMG2044Price 5

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I felt as if I was stuck between two rocks?

If you can’t go over the mountain, you have to go around the mountain.

God gives

I am back and moving forward after a week of problems. Being stuck between two rocks is a hard. A least that is how I felt this last week, when I was having computer problems. I had so many other things going on that I could not give my full attention to the problem. Of course, there are always other things going on at the same time. It was my fault that the computer went down. There was no one else to blame but myself.

This just happened at a time when I had deadlines and projects to complete, adding to my stress of having other events that were happening at the same time. Have you been there, how did you handle it?

These are the times when there is a lesson to be learned. We may not know it as the time, but how we handle the stress of the unexpected is a great lesson.

At a time when medical insurance is a big issue to everyone. Having insurance, the cost and the coverage is an important issue that affects everyone. There is nothing worse than going to the doctor’s office and being handed a bill. Medical expense can be another rock and hard place in itself. Can it be too much to expect never to get sick or not have an illness that will require a lot of treatments?

Well, the unexpected things do happen in life. We can’t avoid them a computer can get damaged at the worst time. No one is exempted from illness or the worst kind.

These days there is some kind of insurance for everything. The result is always best to be safe then sorry. After all a baby runs around and falls many times. As we get older no matter how much we try to take care of ourselves, the body will not stay young.

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Have you noticed that people are angrier these days?

Have you noticed that people are angry these days?  Hardly anyone says good morning with a smile, these days, and it be reciprocated.  Have you ever had a job where they required you to say good morning to each person as they came into the office?  That is when the good morning to family and friends probably ended because it was forced.   

I remember a job that I had, where every morning before I went in the building I would walk around the building and pray for a peaceful day.  


Remember when you would sit and talk to a good friend shot the breeze. A part is from the rush of trying to keep up, with the everyday things in life. Do you feel as though something is missing from your life? Have you noticed the shift in the things that we use to enjoy?

What about your wife does she seem happy?  Are your children enjoying the same type of happiness that you had as a child?  Do you remember when families use to play board games together? These days the only time that you communicate with your children is when they are asking for something. Where are the friends like you had as a child that would always be around?

Everyone today, including the kids talk to friends on the Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, or Snapchat. God, for bid you ask them about who they are chatting with. You can be sitting in the same room with your family for two hours and never speak to one another. Now if you had a video on You Tube than you would have their attention.

I was talking to someone the other day, and he was talking about all the work he had to do around the house, in fact; he needed a schedule. I listened thinking with only three people in one house, your child living with you is over sixteen. Your wife works just as hard, at home as at her job. How much of a mess can three grown people make? I stopped listening as I thought, most people take only one day for cleaning with young children to the house. Back in the days, most people had lots of kids; they had to walk to school the father would work; the mother would be at home. I don’t ever remember my mother or any mother complaining about the house cleaning as an issue. The values in life have really changed.

What are the changes that we can make to help in the next generation? 
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Go back Thursday on Social Media. Where is your crew?

Where are all the friends from your past, is there someone who you are missing? Your crew the people who you went everywhere with, you use to hang out with them all day and night. You went in different directions in your life; that is the sad. They or you have relocated, and you never heard from them again, even though that person was there for you every time you needed them. 

Personally, I think more men keep in touch with their friends then women. The women seem to let things in their present and take a front seat.

walking to school

Back in the days, most people had lots of children, another crew: and they would have to walk to school with friends or their mother. The father would need the one car for work.

These days everyone is locked in their homes, letting the television, computer and cell phone be their friend even the children.   They are driven to school across town, so they don’t even get a chance to meet the children next door.

Have you noticed the shift in life? How can we change it, because if we keep going this way, we will be killing the next generation going forward?

The issues for this generation, what are they really?



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Thank you for having my back.

Have you ever wondered who will take care of you, when you need it the most? Remember the movie, An Officer and Gentlemen, Apocalypse, Platoon, Jarhead, Strike, how about Full Metal Jacket. Seeing the training, the life as a solider and then what is expected through a movie, can give you a considerable respect. The thoughts that someone is covering you, and they don’t even know who you are can give you the greatest respect. A person, who signs up, unafraid and unselfish of protect an entire country, stranger.

It takes a stronger faith to say, I am willing to die the people in my country.
I just want to say, Thank you for your service, we are honoring you on Veteran’s Day.

Vets 2014
Young people the caring the tradition