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Google, exam no. Two

It is Saturday, time tell you a little of what I have learned?

I know I am not a computer programmer, I am a writer and artist?  But I always have the desired to learn something new.  Computer programing was going to my nephew career in college, if he stuck with school that we had enrolled in.  Who going to class and leaves just because they have too many student in the classroom.  When I went to the class at least I stayed pretending to know all about computer science.  It was all over my head, so I waited until the instructor said break time, then I bail out.


Before Enhancing code.
After Enhancing Code.









I learned a lot of things this week as I was studying Google Analytic.

Analysis is data or statistics in a systematic way, it is important to many industries.  Study in order to help you decide if it’s time to deliver content in a different ways.

Analytic is to study systematic data or statistics.  Google use it order to stay on top, they follow and chart where everyone is going on the computer, then they use that data help them to decide what is good or what needs work.

This week they share a new code to enhance the look of an item being sold through Ecommerce (Online stores) by using this data/codes.  The code helps pictures become enlarged, that is enhancing.  It a big thing in sales and attracting interest to you website right now.  When it said you can us it on your own site, I did.  It was just a demo, but it was meant to send real data to Google Analytics, I like.  I notice the change on my website pictures after I added the program.



This was a cute little demo on how my picture can be adjusted a Google program:






I do not consider myself as a great writer, but an avid dreamer, an artist, with a great vision of life. Being a writer is a new career for me, so there are so many things that I have to learn. I love learning things. I also love change and opening myself to new adventures. I have a lot of interests besides for romance, which is the type of book I am writing. I also love motivational and spiritual anything, i.e. angel. The things that help you when times are tough. Just like many I have experiences of good and bad times through life. Most of my life, even young as twelve I worked continuously, my last job, I retired after 25 years. Where I go in the future, who knows? I have Bachelors in Business, AA in Office Procedures, AS in Consumer and Family Studies, Diplomas in Legal and Fashion, among others. My first book that I have completed is a romance novel trilogy of about three sister, Olivia, Samantha and Maxie (Mommy's living dolls). Keep following me, I have something really special to tell you. I promise you will love it. My goal, "I am going to open up your heart" xoxo

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