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I need a good quote? Something new to help me be inspired.

IMAG2617Do you have things that help you, through your life?

This is part of a key chain that I have had for years. It has a saying that has stayed with me through some of my darkest moments.  It is a reminder that, everyone can lose it at times.  We just have to charge it to our mind, and not the person.


Do you have a favorite quote?

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What are you doing? Is it your talent or your ability?

Are you a writer or are you writing to inspire people? I say both. We all have talent or an ability to do some things.

I was listening to the news about a credit card company that will pay you if you hack their website.  It takes talent to be a hacker, for some it is a natural thing. To the credit-card companies, it is a way to learn where they fall short.

Do you watch Shark Tank or one of the other shows, that showcase people talent?  On the show, you get to present your talent to people who can appreciate it.  Same thing with all these talent shows.  We have something that we can do well; it may take time to develop.

I am not a talented writer, but I do like to write.  I love to write inspirational things.  If you do not know what you do well, keep on trying many different thingstalent and it will come to you.

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Can you find your way?

OVERWHELMEDToday, I felt overwhelmed again.


It can get hard when you juggle too many projects at one time.  Today, it felt like the days were closing in on me, as I thought of all the things, I wanted to get done.  They say, “be careful what you ask for.”  That is also true when you take on a lot, challenging yourself to do more.



It is like me and my aim to succeed in something.  So I have been researching and processing lots of information.  I am learning many different concepts to help with build and promote my website.  I understand if you do it correctly not only will it get a lot of attention, but you can also make a lot of money.

There are some great success stores about people started with nothing, had no job, and now they are making millions.  Of course, I probably won’t make millions of dollars, but I am hoping to give it my best shot.

Based on, “I don’t want to wait up in the same place.” by Ivy Lynn


I have only myself to blame.

Do you watch “The Bold and Beautiful“?  Brook on the show, has had affairs or was married to half the men on the show.  The last few shows were about her going through the motion of  not having a man in her life for first time.  They show her drinking continuously every chance she gets, including at her own sister wedding.  Her sister is remarrying the man, that Brooke was in love with last.  It may only be a show, but some people really can’t deal with being by their self.  They don’t know how to actually be accountable for their own life.

Blame 1







Some people do not know what their lives would be like, if they did not have a husband, their children, the job, or that life that they exist for.

Think about a baby or young child, they do not know about anything but what is happening right now in their lives.  They may get a little upset when their parent is not around.  Not knowing that their parent has other things to do.

What part of your life is self served?  When you give up every part of your life for others, husband, wife, kids, family, friends then blame them for it.  Where were you?  What part did you play in your own life’s decisions?

That is what living for you is about, being there and making your decisions for you.  Go up or stand down, it has to be about you.

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There will be haters whenever you are trying to improve YOUR life.

IMG2000There will be haters whenever you are trying to improve YOUR life.






Whenever you are doing things in your life in order to improve it, there will be people, family or friends whom you can talk to about your goals.  If you were to come into money or something big, they really would want to know about it, maybe?  Of course, haters don’t see anyone’s success unless it can benefit them.

There are always people who you can discuss your accomplishment with.  Hater they never say that great, keep up the good work, and far be it of them to offer any help getting there.

We all have struggled in some part of our lives; it can feel as if we are all alone. Haters will never tell you that things will get better.

When you are doing things that will help you to success it can feel like no one is interested.   Haters never want to hear about what you are trying to do.

We have to remember that validation will come at the end of hard work, not with anyone’s approval.  Every achievement you have it is for you alone, with or without anyone else input.

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Don’t Be Confined To Your Life

Have you ever felt confined in your life? Do you know you really are not?  What confines us is what we think about in our mind.  Just ask Stevie Wonder who was born blind, it never stopped  him thinking of what he could do in his with his life.  This is how it is for most children who are prodigies. Do you know he was a child prodigy?

A person, especially a young one, endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities.

Can you image being led around since birth, but everything that you do speaks volume?  I just happen to watch the story of Stevie Wonder’s life the night before. They referred to the strength of his mother to leave his father, and then help a blind son achieve his dream.  He had an accident and was in a coma, they did think he would be able to return to the music business.  He recovered, and came back even stronger.  He dedicated a lot of time to making Martin Luther Kings birthday a holiday.  There were so many things he did as a blind man who came from nothing, it puts shame to us who can see.



There was a special tribute to Stevie Wonder last night on television, I did not know about it before I watched his story.  A lot of the top names in the music business paying tribute to Stevie Wonder, in a two-hour special.  It is heart warming anytime someone gives you props for your dedicated work. I wish I had that many people who wanted to call me friend. I can be a wonderful thing.

The last two days television should have some major rating competition with this and that final Celebrity Apprentice.  Celebrity Apprentice, Geraldo Rivera had a major ego problem.

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Happy Valentine Day

I am going to make you love me.

It is Valentine Day’s so it is the perfect time to show you what I have been working on.  You are going to love it.

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Do you feel like making a changes in your life? Most people do.

How do you feel about you and your life?  Most people have things in their lives that they feel can be changed.  Let’s start with your issues, and the sources of it.  If your life was perfect there would be no issue; it would be great not to have anything to worry about.


Who are you?

What do you want to be?

I am sorry, if you failed you.

I want to be your everything.

I want to do everything for you.

I am sorry if I failed you.

I consider myself a realist, your life today is what it is.  The people who are doing well in their lives, there is a reason for that and the ones who are not, they too know why that is.

Some of the people who do well, they had the help of a supportive family. People that would do whatever was possible, including paying for their education. Some people have done alright, by working and struggling to in order to complete college. There are those who chose not to go that route because they did not have someone to help with their education; on the other hand, they could not see the value of a  college education.  College is not everyone dream some people can be just as successful without it.

Sometimes we get disappointed about our live being the way it is, but the problem, we do not do anything to changes it.  It is important to look at into other possible and do different things went you want to make changes to your life.  One small change can lead you into a different direction that you never thought about before.




Don’t Be Your Own Enemy

I may failed one hundred times, but I will try one hundred and one.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.