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Do you have true friends? Will a friend be true?

New ClothesI was just thinking about something that my minister preached about today.  Basically, he was talking about how we know how our enemy feel about us, they will tell you the truth, whether you want to hear it or not.  However there are the people we call friends, they will never tell you the truth.  They say whatever they think you want to hear in order to please you.

The thing about it is that certain true may be what you need to hear, or want to hear.  How many times have you ask a friend something and they never told you the truth, but they will go behind your back and talk about it.  You know they talked about because it always comes back later.   Anyway, the sermon was about the betrayal of Jesus by a person he called a friend.

Does that apply to the people we call friends?  On Housewives of  Atlanta, Phaedra considers herself a good Christian.   However she felt disappointed that her friend Kandi back away from her during the time she really needed a friend the most.  Then that mentioned it to other friends.  It get back to Kandi, who said she did not know Phaedra and her had any problems with their friendship.  It is sad that even the men back up Apollo more than Kandi did Phaedra.   These are people living there real lives in front of the camera.

Two things about it, everyone was watching this real life disaster unfold, air or not aired a friend would have been there.  Unfortunately on television, I don’t even remember Kandi being there once.  She said she was having problems of her own, really! Her husband was going to Phaedra husband was going to prison, and it was his intent to cause as much hell for her before going.  A friend would have known, so when Apollo said Phaedra was cheating; she could have come to her defend.  No way would I have let my husband say something about my friend like that, and not call her to warn her, before the enemy Kanya used it as the luncheon.  The situation was messed up.

Just like the story of the Emperor New Clothes, everyone knew he was not wearing clothing.  They smiled and agreed with him that his new clothes were great.  He trusted them, but it took an unknown child to tell him the truth.

Do you have any true friends who will tell you the truth, before you are embarrassed?

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Friday, does anyone really relax….

Don’t you wish you had a magical wand so that you could get all the things you want done with one wave.  Like the clock changing to five p.m. the moment you came into work.  Of course if we had a magical wand we would love to have it be a payday everyday or have a little unexpected added to our check.  That would make it a great Friday. 

Friday 2


Well, it is still  Friday!


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Hay, pay attention!

You Tube video

Pretty so, it is going to be graduation time for a lot of people.  The joy you get from not walking down the line, but from something you went through and completed.

This is my last week for two class, Web Design and Business Planning.  You will never complete a class without learning something.  This week however, I am expected to design a website and present a business plan.  I know my instructors will be looking forward to what I come up with considering most of the time I was lost in the class.  I love a challenge, this is going to be good.

Life passing you by

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A Rollercoaster of emotion

Yes, that is me.

Here's what I THINK I KNOW


For the past two weeks I spent my time investing in artists and their craft. I was amazed at all the talent and all the beautiful stories and testimonies that were shared. I chose this picture of the rollercoaster in the shape of a heart because that pretty much summed up my experience. Although I may not have agreed with every post I read I will always respect the artist and their message.

I read wonderful posts about family and togetherness. It was wonderful to see how many people still believe family is an important foundation for a person in this life.


I read posts that made me think “wow, I can’t believe they said that” these were about more controversial topics like racism, politics, religion, etc. Although I may not have agreed, most posts were so full of passion that they captivated my attention.


Some posts tugged on my…

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We are all just one paycheck away from the street.

20150320_175511 I was out with the Street Ministry on Friday, we handed out things and were praying for the ones who wanted it. I thought there was someone in line who use to work in the same building I worked in. This was the second time I had seen her in the line. I did not ask her any questions out of respect.  The income verse cost of living in San Diego, a lot will agree does not match.

I use to think when I was on that job, we all are one paycheck away from the street.



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This morning at the 6:30 am meeting, I was reviewing the plan for magazine to make 200k a year. It was the same plan that I presented last night to my teacher. He is great and owns a business. He looked at me kind of funny, why I am not sure. One the class is called business planning, who is trying to aim small? Two why be the boss and make minimum wage.
Of course, in my meeting this morning with (you know who), the person who always has something to say. It was suggested that I needed to break down my time a LOT more. Apparently in my 12 to 16 hours work days I am not getting enough done.

If it is your plan to make think big, don’t think small.
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Sometimes we just expect the worst, and forget that God is there for us.

flat tireI had been thinking about taking my car to the shop because it had been driving badly. I held out thinking I just pull a lot in servicing a few months before and did not want to think about another big expense. So when someone brought it to my attention that one of the tires was going bad I knew I was going to have to make that trip to the shop. I gather up as much money as I could, and check around on cost before taking the car to the shop.

It was a surprise to me, after they replaced the one tire, the car drives prefect again. We do that with a lot of things in life, including when we say we have faith in God.

We say we have faith, but are too afraid, to let him handle problems. Not realize that he is there for a reason, to help us.  I was driving all around on a bad tire thinking; about it, God protected me while I was out late, driving alone. Then he allowed the amount to be just right, so that I could take care of it. It was a good day, because he was truly there for me, as he has been many times before.


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All that matter is that you finish the race.

IMAG1834-1-1Ambition and drive it start at a young age. I grow up in a house fairly large household with lots of brothers and sisters.  I remember when I was young, every child in my family would participate in sports.  What one did the others followed through school?    We never consider ourselves better than the others, and we did not always win.  We all were very good in sport and won many awards, mainly because we would practice together and work hard.

Now that I am older, as I go through life, I still have that ambition and drive.  If you want to succeed you have to be willing to go the distance, and finish the race when or lose.

You are never really a loser it you try.


Ambition or drive that both can help you go a long way.

Based on, “I don’t want to wake up int