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Do you have true friends? Will a friend be true?

New ClothesI was just thinking about something that my minister preached about today.  Basically, he was talking about how we know how our enemy feel about us, they will tell you the truth, whether you want to hear it or not.  However there are the people we call friends, they will never tell you the truth.  They say whatever they think you want to hear in order to please you.

The thing about it is that certain true may be what you need to hear, or want to hear.  How many times have you ask a friend something and they never told you the truth, but they will go behind your back and talk about it.  You know they talked about because it always comes back later.   Anyway, the sermon was about the betrayal of Jesus by a person he called a friend.

Does that apply to the people we call friends?  On Housewives of  Atlanta, Phaedra considers herself a good Christian.   However she felt disappointed that her friend Kandi back away from her during the time she really needed a friend the most.  Then that mentioned it to other friends.  It get back to Kandi, who said she did not know Phaedra and her had any problems with their friendship.  It is sad that even the men back up Apollo more than Kandi did Phaedra.   These are people living there real lives in front of the camera.

Two things about it, everyone was watching this real life disaster unfold, air or not aired a friend would have been there.  Unfortunately on television, I don’t even remember Kandi being there once.  She said she was having problems of her own, really! Her husband was going to Phaedra husband was going to prison, and it was his intent to cause as much hell for her before going.  A friend would have known, so when Apollo said Phaedra was cheating; she could have come to her defend.  No way would I have let my husband say something about my friend like that, and not call her to warn her, before the enemy Kanya used it as the luncheon.  The situation was messed up.

Just like the story of the Emperor New Clothes, everyone knew he was not wearing clothing.  They smiled and agreed with him that his new clothes were great.  He trusted them, but it took an unknown child to tell him the truth.

Do you have any true friends who will tell you the truth, before you are embarrassed?



I do not consider myself as a great writer, but an avid dreamer, an artist, with a great vision of life. Being a writer is a new career for me, so there are so many things that I have to learn. I love learning things. I also love change and opening myself to new adventures. I have a lot of interests besides for romance, which is the type of book I am writing. I also love motivational and spiritual anything, i.e. angel. The things that help you when times are tough. Just like many I have experiences of good and bad times through life. Most of my life, even young as twelve I worked continuously, my last job, I retired after 25 years. Where I go in the future, who knows? I have Bachelors in Business, AA in Office Procedures, AS in Consumer and Family Studies, Diplomas in Legal and Fashion, among others. My first book that I have completed is a romance novel trilogy of about three sister, Olivia, Samantha and Maxie (Mommy's living dolls). Keep following me, I have something really special to tell you. I promise you will love it. My goal, "I am going to open up your heart" xoxo

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