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Can we help the future learn how to fish?

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

 Are you trying to eat for a day or a lifetime?

I was talking to one of the kids the other day as I was helping him apply for his first job.  He said when I get my first check, I am going to spend it all on baseball equipment.  







Then I ask him, are you planning to go in to continue playing baseball after high, when you go to college.  He said, “No I am not going to play sports in college I am not that good.”

I guess I should be happy that he wants to go to college.  But I did say to him, “How about putting away some of the money for the future.”  I told him that the last year of high school, there will be a lot of events, it can be costly.

I don’t every remember thinking only about myself when I  younger and earning money.  There was never a time when I could blow a whole check on myself and not think about the next day.  

Are we giving too much to the next generation that they don’t think about saving anything for their own future?

This next generation really does need to know how to fish.

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Some people keep taking, while others give the most.

Do you know someone who is always asking for help?  A person who acts as if they are constantly in need of something?  They expect everyone to be willing to help them; however they don’t even return the goodness that was given to them.  They don’t consider that when they asked that person to help them, it should be repaid.  Helping someone out is one thing, the good deeds is something that is something a person does freely.

People have said to me if I were you, I would not help that person they have never done anything for you.  I would not volunteer to help, I don’t have time for that.  A person I worked with said to me once, “I help everyone.”  Of course, she meant this about her job as an attorney.

The people don’t think that others are helping them everyday.  In fact, some have given their lives, and other are still giving to everyone.  There are Christians who never give or do good deeds outside of the church.  Some people won’t go to church but will give their last dollar to help.

If you are a believer, you should understand compassion.  Believer knows that there is someone who will not let you down.  A believer knows each day that we wake up on earth; we are blessed.

John 3.16 God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son…

God is one who has given the most to us.  However, there are others, the soldiers who dead in war.  When they make the choice to serve, that is the biggest sacrifice a person can make to be willing to die for others.

We honor those who served and have died for what they have done for us, so that we can have the freedom today.  Memorial Day we honor our fallen soldiers.


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Do you have any core values, or anything that you stand for?

 One of the questions that I was asked in marketing class last night was about my core values.  In business core values can help a company to determine if it is on  the right path to fulfilling their goals.  Personal core values are the belief that we choose to live by.  When you are doing a marketing plan for a business, these things are important.

It was a hard question for me because I have so many thoughts about everything.   I had a problem expressing myself to him, even though I am a writer.  I guess that is the point to the exercise for you be able to define your vision. 

There are things that are considered as core value:  Motivated, Positive, Inspiring, Passionate, Loving, Nurturing, Encouraging, Loyal

Also other things that might be considered value: Innovative, Efficient, Honest, Open-minded, Consistent, Loyal, Reliable

Most of us don’t think about things like this even though we have them.  What does core value really mean to you?  Everyone has a standard that they live by.

You don’t have to be working on a marketing plan to think about this question.  The question is define you, then when you are ready define your purpose in life.  You will go future by knowing what you want to accomplish.


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back to workMonday it is time for a fresh start.  A lot of people, including myself waste time.  Actually we wasted a lot of time, then we are left facing the things we did not get done.  I am guilty of it because I always have a lot of projects to get done.  The list can be endless along with my hopes that I will get everything completed.

The problem is life go on and while you are attempting to get things on your list done, there will always be something that gets in the way.  I don’t care how much time I allow to work on something, there will be something else that comes up.

When I need to focus on getting work done there seems to be someone  or something that needs my attention. If I plan house cleaning, there seem to be somewhere else that I need to be.  Even when I plan down time, there seemed to be unexpected visitors or phone calls.  I was thinking about the times when I sat having lunch at work, trying to have a minute to myself, there always seemed to be someone who would try to strike up a conversation.

Would you not help if someone asked you to at work?  Could you stay home and clean, while blowing off a meeting?  Would you rest and not answer the door for family?

Next thing you know, it Monday, time to start another week.  A fresh start is time to make a new list, and work on accomplishing things that did not get done.

Some of the things you want to do is to reorganize, make a new plan, see what is a priority and get something DONE.

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You are pretty good at this.

I was in marketing class, when the teacher said to me, “You are pretty good at this; you should hire yourself out.”  I can’t remember anyone saying that to me about work I have done.  I am not the expert in marketing, nor have I ever consider working in marketing.  It was a compliment; I did admit that outside of the class; I had been doing a lot of research on marketing.  I told him I was a “want to be” writer/blogger; marketing is something that is needed for the process of being successful.  

In the past, I have taken many business classes.  My mother would say, when are you going to use that degree, you earned?  A degree does not guarantee you a great job; just an opportunity.  Most people these days don’t even work in the field they have a degree.  When I was in college, I wanted to be an accountant, however, I stopped when I received a degree in business.

Are you working on a goal?

When you are trying to achieve a goal, it can take you places that you never expect to go.   With the current job market being so uncertain, we have to be prepared to think out the box.  Sometimes, we have to try different things, do something that we never expect to do.  With change comes new opportunities.









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It is time to wake up, and move forward in life.

It is time to wake up, and move forward in life.

I woke up this morning I thought of all the things I needed to do, then I remembered all the things that I hadn’t done.  Do you wake up in the morning, and your mind is going through a list?

You  may even be awakened by an issue of the day, thinking of how many things you need to accomplish.   You may be awakened by the things you should have done.

Right now, I am stuck between editing and making changes on my work.  It is like the moment my feet hit the floor my mind was already thinking ahead to what I need to do, then switch to what I did not get done.  It gives you the feeling that you are already behind.

If we think of all the things that we did not do in life such as marry that special person, save money for that house, go places all over the world, get more training while we had the chance.

There are people we think about and miss who are no longer with us.

If we think about the opportunities in life that we did not take advantage, a job that we could have had, but we did not apply for it.   However, it won’t change today, because that ship has passed.

If we think of all the chances, we had to take a class in order to qualify for a job; however, we did not do it.

When we had less responsibilities, there were opportunities we had in life such as to travel, that we never took advantage of the moment.

Yesterday has went we can’t go back and change what did not happen the day before or the years.   There are so many things that we can’t change, that time has passed.  Everyone misses something from their past, the things we wish we did done differently.

When you are young, your focus is different.  Who thinks about saving for a rainy day at seventeen, of the classes you take will help you get a better job?  Who would think about at a young age getting a job at McDonald’s, in hopes of being the boss one day?  Most of us at a young age only think of a job to make money to spend on the latest clothes or gaming system.  The future and careers don’t mean as much when you are young.

Well today another day, it time to wake up and move forward in life.


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Your Blessings

I like to hear, encouraging messages, especially when I feel as though I am going through something.

Doodles Invigorate


This is a prelude to my next post on love. There’s no reason to envy or desire things, characteristics, or the lifestyle of another person because we all have our own specially made, divinely handcrafted, success and beauty. The process and outcome equally hold infinite blessings. If we learn to love who we are, where we are, and where we are going, we will be blessed. Don’t hate! Just love! Your blessings are made only for you! ❤

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Do you want a job?


Do you want a job?


A friend asked me to go with her to check into a job opportunity for her sixteen-year-old son.  I knew someone about that age who needed a job, so I went along to get the information.  There was going to be a presentation given on all the jobs available that her son could apply for.  My friend also invited her nephew, who was in his early twenty to come along; he too was looking for a job.  My friend, had recently retired, so of course, she was not looking for a job.

When we arrived at the place, it appeared as if we had missed the presentation.  The person giving the presentation welcome us in, as we seemed to be the only ones at the presentation for the job.  The presentation was being held at the unemployment office.  My friend listened attentively, to the person giving the presenter.  She even gave her in put about the job location, all through the person presentation. Of course, she was not look for a job.

She talked about her other child working at the same place in the past.  She said to the person that she was not interested in the working there herself.  However, she inquired about the type of work she would like to do.  The job she was willing to work was not even one of the jobs listed. Of course, she was not looking for a job.  

She asked the presenter about her job, state that would be ideal for her.  She told her about her job experience, and what kind of work she would be willing to do for her company.  Of course, she was not looking for a job.

I sat listening to the exchange that was going on during the presentation.  I thought to myself, of course, you were not looking for a job.

Do you need a job?  Do you know your net worth? It does not have anything to do with the places you will or will not work at, but what type of work you can do.  I have always worked from a young age; I never had my parents go out looked for me a job.  When I was young, I would look and apply for jobs, then go on interview life everyone else.  My parent never job search for me, and I never thought about if I would like the place I was applying for a job with.  I just saw a job I was qualified for and put in an application.  I was happy to be giving an opportunity to work.

Are you passing by an opportunity or a job?  Can you see yourself in a job you never would have considered before?