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Fourth of July I can smile the barbeque

20150404_115636It is time to break out the grill, barbecue up some hamburger and hot; then enjoy the fireworks.  There is usually a picnic or something special planned for the holiday.

What will you be doing?  I hope you will find some enjoyment,  it a good time to spend time with family or friends.  There will be fireworks all over the place, so most likely you will not have to go far to see them.



The day is all about celebration of our independence.  It is also a time to have a little time to get away from your usually daily routine.  Most people don’t take vacation; they only take time off from work when something at home needs their attention.  I know I was that way for years, not taking time off and saving my leave.  Do you notice how refresh you can feel once you return after a holiday?

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I wonder what Michael Jackson would be doing today?

It has been six years since Michael Jackson untimely passing.  I like so many thought he was the greatest, and was in infatuated with everything he did.  I wonder what he would be doing now if he had not passed.  Obviously, he would be going through the trying times with Blanket 12 years old, Paris 17 years old, Prince who just graduating.  Michael growing up in a large household himself; he would have been getting a reality check now that the kids he worked hard to get have grown up.  It is a blessing that his mother is still alive to take care of them, along with lots of family.    








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Has your life hit a dead end?

Has your life hit a dead-end because you have stopped looking for ways to make it better?  You may have stopped thinking or even looking at new possibilities that can improve your life.  There are many interesting things going on in the world today for us to learn about, and consider for the future.

Do you feel left out as you see all the changes that are happening these days in every field?  With change there comes many new jobs and opportunities that you can be found by learning and research on the Internet.


Brick wall






I know myself there are so many things that I could have, would have or should have done in life, if I had taken advantage of the opportunities at that time.  There are those who will research everything on the Internet, any topic that sounds interesting.  They look up the top stars, see what the latest movies that will be coming up in the future.  Of course, there is more to find the great things that will be happening future.  The entire computer system, cell phones, and many other things like social media are barely a decade old. By researching different things, you can prepare for the future also.  Some people know how to jump at an opportunity the minute they hear about it.  Some of us feel as if we are the last the learn about anything new.

There are ten-year-old that know all about social media, can hack a game program, all the others that are older should know the basic.  With the world is evolving fasted around us, we cannot stay in the past we have to prepare for the future and grow with it.   It is funny you can be on the computer or surfing the web seven days a week, watching television and then someone can tell you about the biggest story of the day, that you somehow missed.

The world is still here, and the sun comes up each day.  The Internet helps to open up the world to you with a click.  It can  help you learn something new each day.  Don’t be left behind by all the great things that are going on, you will only be limiting yourself.

I remember, when I was required to go for computer training at my job.  At that time it was the only thing I thought the computer could be use for.  The process was happened so quickly, I do not think that my job would be changed forever.  Just like the use of cell phones, another way that most people are learning things fast.

Where would you like to be in the next few months or years?  It is best if you start researching now on the future, so that your plan will lead you in the right direction.  Even for my current project, I read that I should have start it two or three years ago.

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Sometimes we wake up with issues

There is a phone call at 7am, you rush to pick it up worry that something is wrong.  It is just a bill collector’s recording letting you know that you are late.  You call back to the company, of course they are not there because it is before 8am.  Your day has just gotten stressful as watching the minutes on the clock.

Trying to focus as you are driving to work, listening to the clock is tick in your mind.  You think to yourself, if you have enough money to pay the bill or, if you need to ask for an extension.  By the time to make it to work you are exalted, from the worry.  When can you take a break to call and take care of the issue?

That one hour can wear you down so much that you feel like you are walking in a daze.  What day is it?  As you look at the same piece of paper for the fifth time.  Someone says good morning to you; however, you don’t even hear yourself acknowledging them.  Don’t you just hate when issue come up?  It is like a cloud over you on a sunny day.

What to do when an issue takes over you, that is a good question?


FridayThe end of the day can’t come soon enough.

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I woke up with this on my mind.

BindHave you ever felt like someone said or did something that was not pleasing?  They did not care or respect, the people around them or involved in the situation.  It is like taking the last piece of pizza, because they pick it up first.  Regardless of the fact that they had three pieces, and you had none.

You can you understand what I am talking about.



Eye for eye









Then I went to church;, the message was for me. It was from one of my favored verses in the bible.

I never complain about not being where I want to be in life. Or completing anything I just keep moving forward, which makes this verse even better. I feel better now.

Mark 10:17-31

Final Verse 31 “But many that are first shall be last; and the last will be first.”

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I am just trying to do better, then I did yesterday.

I consider myself smart.  Of course, I don’t compare myself to others.  I would never say, I am the smartest person around, because I know I am not.  There is nothing I consider the best in, I just keep on being the best me.

You can move forward in some parts of life, then be halted in others.


Better Than

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Beauty Is more than skin, these days

Dawn 2Do men bypass beautiful women, if they are smart?  Can a woman enjoy the company of Leonard Hofstader, or Sheldon Cooper or the type of men with a high Eyes Q like the ones on, “Big Bang Theory?

It is a new day, as far as beauty is concern.  Most men these days will not be interested in just a pretty face, they are driven to woman who can be the whole package.  The type of woman with the plus asset of a job, or a career, and a future plans?



Even the housewives shows featured successful or have a drive for success women.  Most of the show limited the children, and household things, by focusing on ambitious women with or without a men/husband.  These women aimed for more than sitting at home watching the soaps, while house cleaning.  None of their husbands had a problem with that.

As the next generation is being raised by successful women, it stands to say that men would be attracted to a  partner who has the same values.

My nephew just took two years off from college to do missionary work for his church.  He will be returning to his college studies in the fall.  I just happen to be watching is show about a group of college women, who were trying to meet men of the same religion.  Men and women of the same faith will achieve more in the future, considering both will have degrees.  Even the show where there is man who had five wives, I noticed all the women had goals and aimed for careers.

The next generation will have a lot of advantages.