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Winning an award, mean being recognized for your success?

The MTV awards last night, I only watched the last hour of the show.  It was supposed to be the music awards; however it was a show that is just speechless.  Nicki Manaj, who always has a beef with someone, well add another person to her list.  Miley Cyrus who is in her own world, welcome to her playground last night.  Kanye West, who always has something to say, he had a lot to say while accepting his award.  The award must have been buzzing in back of the stage with a lot of everything.  Things like that just take away from what the show was about, winning an award.


Being lost


Everyone goes through something in life, where it can seem like you are all alone.  It is best not to go out to far away.







If you found out that you had a terminal illness, would your attitude for life change?  For the better or the worst, do you care about life?

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Have you ever felt like a failure?

Can Not sleepHave you ever felt like a failure?  You can work hard all the time and never seem to get ahead.  The bills pile up; the money always seems to be low every paycheck.  It can make you bitter towards life.

I use to say in my walk getting closer to God, “I don’t want it all here on earth.”  I was referring to blessing.  You look while others seem to be getting everything, and they don’t even attend church as much as you do, and some how you keep on thinking I want my blessing from above.  It can separate the week from the strong, when you don’t look at yourself as a failure at times like this.  It can also separate the faithful from the others.



If you look at God to blessing with much, you will be just as bad as all the others in the bible who wanted to gain by turning on God, including all the people of Israel.  We know what happen there, they were doing all kinds of sins.

The sad part is if you feel like a failure, then turn against God, by not going to church, and praying him then you have just failed again.  God said, “STAY FAITHFUL IN THE LITTLE THINGS.”  We can’t worry about what others have, just be grateful for what we do have.  God will bless in the least expect way, that is what matter.  The people go out and spend money on the things they can’t afford, do you consider that a blessing that they were able to get it?  Those same people won’t even give a dollar to a person in the street, saying that they need every cent; spending lots, but giving little.  Be faith, and at the end of the day, even after you have given one of the two dollars to the people in the street, God will bless you.


Matthew 5:45 NKJV: that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.

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Would you like to be on a Reality Show?




Do you know television, movies, webcast, youtube, and other production companies are always looking at new ideas and faces?  If you had to come up with a new show what kind would you pitch? 

If you wanted to do a reality show in your city, who do you know in your area, or in your life would you want to have in the show?  Do you have any Madea in your family like Tyler Perry? Is there someone who you know, who is an inspirational, that you love to hang out with? There would be a lot of hanging out with others that you would have on your reality? 



The reality shows that I have seen it is amazing how they can take a life of anyone, and make it a show.  It is funny how some of the show can draw you in by doing just about anything.  They also draw you in by their choices like starting a business, or a new career.  Even taking care of the family needs while doing other things. 

The housewives shows exploded by that concept.  To featuring a group of women going through transitions in life, is something we all get drawn into, it is true reality.  Of course with the ego problems, it should be called, “Can these women get along.”  When every you get a group of women together there will be drama.

I have seen the Kardasian reality show only a few times, the show based on family drama.  I would I suggest a show like that for my family.   The Kardasian, or any sisters working together on a career, like the Braxton family values that can be too much drama.  Of with my family, we have more drama then the usual family issues, our issue is too many chiefs.  That would be a funny show though, to see my family starting a business together.

Atlanta seems to be the place for reality shows, Housewives of Atlanta, Crisley Knows Best, Married to Medicine and a lot more.  The next place would be New York and L.A. where they have Beverly Hills Housewives and Shahs of Sunsets.

If I had to propose one for the city, I live in San Diego, which is one of the top twenty-five places to live. Here there is always something going on, and of course the beautiful scenery of the area.  The people are great also. 

You should start with the people you know who are doing the most, that you can relate to, the ones who you can enjoy hanging out with.  Reality show can be rough on all people and relationship, even friends.  In real life, there is enough drama, but with a reality show, you want to have your own peace at the end.


Everyone needs a social crew:


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We can’t always plan everything…

Fenced inI was talking to my nephew the other day as he was about to leave for college.  I said you should try to get two of three degrees by the time you leave.  I told him that what the ambitious people do.  I was just planting a seed for a person I will do well.  He said how about I get a doctorate, of course I would not be surprised if he does.

Most of us don’t set long-range plans for our lives, but hope to do the best.  Then there are other who plan everything they want to do in life and achieve the most.  Whether you go to college of not they have an idea on what they want in life.  Obviously, things can happen and your plans for life may not happen the way you want them to; it can change everything that we do all together.

We can’t always plan everything no matter how hard we try.  However, if we want to do better in life we need to have a plan and try to achieve as much success as we can.



Have you every wished someone help you in a hard times?:

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How do you handle illness?

How do you handle illness, when it is some close to you, or when it, you? When I heard Patti Labelli story, it was at her concert.  It brought tears to my eyes to hear the story of her say good-bye to her sisters one by one.  I have known people in my life that I was very close to, who died from Cancer.  You can find peace in remembering the good times.

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Can you be consider a friend to others, and have no compassion?

As I was rushing out to church this morning, a thought came to my mind about a conversation that I was listening to the night before.  The person was going on about a FRIEND who did not have as him, and how this friend looks at him for help.

Can you really consider yourself a friend, and look down on the people you associate with?  How do some of the people, who are blessed with so much, have the least amount of compassion?  They won’t help anyone, or even give the straps off their plate to a dog. Obviously, a dog cannot feed itself.

It is sad when someone looks at others as flawed.  We all know someone who thinks they is about the above all the people they associate with.  They forget we all living are in the same world, when you help them, they will help you.  Be there for them and when you have problems, they will be there for you.  I have never known a team sport where there was only one player, a million-dollar company with one person doing everything, you need help to make it and survive.


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When you are going through something, why does it feel like some people are throwing stones?  It never feels good when others, remind you of where you fell short.  It happens on the job, with family, and others who just want someone else to talk about.

No one has every part of their lives in perfect order.  The same people who throw stones can not possibility think their lives are exempts that they will never have problems.  If you are a believer, you know that everyone goes through storms.   


However, glass cannot be fixed, you have to treat others as you would like to be treated, no matter who they are.  The day will come when you will want the same compassion and understanding as you go through your own situations in life.  Don’t throw stones.

How do you stay up when you really want to sit down?  By remembering tomorrow is another day, do what you can, and get some rest.  Accepting that there are problems that we cannot foreseen, except for God. 

I have to admit my life is always in a shamble; however, I keep on going forward.  Pretty soon the storm will move on, and the sun will shine again.

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Do you need help, of course you do?

Do you need help?

Most of us will need help in some part of life, especially if we want to success.  I started a website a year ago to help promote the books I was writing and tell my stories.  It also now served as a place for my thoughts on life. 

   Of course, things have changed.  I made a simple site in the past, when I started designing beaded jewelry years ago.   At that time, I did not know it was going to be the way of my future.  There were not a lot of instructions, do this and that.  Now I am having to take web design classes because everything is more complicated these days. 


Help to Survive

If you look at all the top writers of books, movies, television show, or anything big you will see some of the most amazing websites.  In fact, I get many emails on how to help me make my site better.  There are companies that do Social Media, marketing, SEO, and other things.  It can take hours to read all the information being provided.

   Even in business you need help from those who focus is on that subject of success.  I was reading this from a website building company, “The difference between a bicycle and a Lexus.” 

Who will help you to succeed in life?  Are you willing to try something different from you have done in the past?  If you want to do better you may need to make changes in your life.  It is good at times to get, so that help so that you can succeed.  I will try to help you on your journey to success.



Are you willing to help other?