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Faith in God, doesn’t mean you won’t see a storm

It seems funny sometimes when a person asks you to pray for them.  However, they will not think to ask you how are you doing, can I pray for you?

Some people will look at you when you are a believer, as you are going through issues in life.  A believer will go through loss of jobs, financial issues, divorce, other things in life, and even illness like cancer. 

The bible, says it will rain on the just as well as the unjust.  We all go throw storms in our lives; it is how you handle it that will show the true strength.


Matthew 5:45



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I Love To Take Pictures

I love to take pictures, especially when they tell a story.

Can you trust anyone?  Who help you when you need something?  Will you step out on faith.


















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It’s alright to wake up, because it’s FRIDAY

It’s Friday

Reg: inspiration

Has it been a long week?  Do you feel as if you are in a daze, not knowing what you have done all week?  Guess what, it’s Friday!


Food thought 8-11 (trouble)

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Are you holding on? Well this is where faith can really matter…

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by trouble.

Re: Trouble, faith, giving up, falling down


I know it always feels like you are the underdog when things happen to you.  We work hard, and are dedicated to everything that we do, when others will blow off work and responsibilities.  Some how nothing bothers them, while you, however, keep getting attack by the devil.  There seems to be some force that wants to keep you down.  How far do you want to fall?  Are you willing to holding on or are you going to throw in the towel?

Look at the person who seems to be doing well, would they give up?

This is what the different of faith verse no faith.  If you give up, you lose, and you know who wins then.  Count your blessing and hold on.




Food thought 8-11 (trouble)


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I know what Steve is talking about…

I know what Steve is talking about…

I have followed Steve Harvey because he is doing well, and I can only hope to do close to the same.  He always talks about his struggles and how walk we can do in order to do better in our lives.  I have watched him over the years, through all his accomplishments.  He is succeeding in everything I don’t remember a time when he was not doing well.  He has had so many successes that I can’t remember him failing.  However, I know he did not start on top; it took hard work.  That is the things he talks about, now even more what it will take for anyone to succeed.  I like his drive for success, and the way he keeps it real attitude.



In an interview with Oprah, talked about pulling the wagon up a hill, loaded with people who wanted to ride.  I loved the story, and I know what he meant, even though I do not have the success he has yet.  It about support, everyone needs it, even more so when you are pulling a wagon.  The help that you need to get was you want seems not to exist.



Not knowing everything about is his life, or who he may meant with his long history with includes three wives.  I can relate to struggles when you are trying to succeed with no help.  Do you have people or family who will help you pull you the wagon?

He said what a lot of people have said, after a while you may need to remove some people from the wagon.  For me that means the people and things which may interrupting a lot of my time.

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Face It

Have you gone passed a person who looks as if they live on the street, and turned the other way?  I was out homeless ministry last night, there seemed to be more people who are in need of help then the time before.  There were young as well as the older people, some had babies and small children.  It is a hard time for many right now, with no relief except for the little extra we and other groups provide.



Face it, we all came into this world the same way;  and we will leave it some day.

Face it, we all have problems in life, will get old some day, and need help from someone.

Face it, we have to be accountable for the person we see in the mirror.

Face it, we all have been selfish at one time or another in our lives.

Face it, we all can do better for ourselves, and others in this world.

Take a look, and let’s face it.   


We are willing to spend money to keep a football team in this city, have large building to be built, make many shopping malls in this areas even in the same places where the homeless would sleep at night.  A water park sits in front of a government building, and all these things to make a city look beautiful, however where is the money for the people who live here.  How will they be taken care of, compensated for all this?  Everywhere the homeless use of live, the area is being replaced by something very expensive.  The dirty secret of the big cities, face it.


Face it, by Ivy’s Memory Makers: IMG2040



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Are you saying things that people will listen to?

Talking to people, the things they want to hear


I have been trying to convenience some of the people I know to do webcast as a way to market themselves.  Most of us think I can’t speak before a crowd, let alone talking on camera.  Then there are those who say I would not know that to talk about.  It is funny when you think that every day we speak to others.  I have always been a shy person, now that I am older I call it reserved.  I worked for years in public service where it was required to deal with people in large volumes at a time.  The shyness changed as people were addressing their issues with me, and I had to come up with an answer, quickly.



The good thing about a webcam is that they can be short as you want them to be, you just need to get your message out.  Almost like if you were interviewing for a job, that can be your first webcam selling yourself for a job.  Of course, depending upon the job and your pitch, you may need to do a little work in order to market yourself.  You may have to practice in front of a mirror, that is always a good ideal.


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Sunday is the time to relax, rejuvenate by giving your issues to God.

This week, the remaining school started back.  Traffic has increase, the bus and other public transportation is packed.  Some people do not know how to be nice; they want to speed ahead of everyone.  There is pushing into crowded areas even at Starbuck, in order to get a cup of coffee.  The things that people should not be doing like talking on their cell phone and yelling at their kids, instead of paying attention to the road.

Most of us will go through so many changes during the week with work, home and family.  Not to mention the weeks when there is extra to do; like this past week when many kids and other returned to school.  This week I was not exempt as I went to the college for class, there were more students than seats.  I watch the other class fill up also, thinking I don’t get this class, there would be a problem getting into another.

fresh air

While you are driving to work, into morning there is no way to miss the increase of children at the beginning of school.  The school areas are crowded with people trying to drop off children all at the same time.  By the time you get to work this first week, it can be tiring from all the increase of active.  On Saturday more have things to do that have been avoided all week, and do something for the coming up week.



It’s Sunday, time for worship and get rejuvenate; we have a lot to thank God for this day.  While praising you will be in the right frame of mind relaxed, and hopeful release all the issues from the week.  We need it because tomorrow will be Monday, time to start again.