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I miss the simple life.

Television is one thing that has changed over the last few decades.  It is funny when you think about how we managed before with just a couple of channels, and a few good shows.  Each year when there is a television awards, most of the shows I have never heard of.  Even though I have the full packet of television and cable channels, I seem to go back to the same old reruns.



I turned on the news to listen as I was getting up this morning.  I wanted to see if I had missed anything over the night.  Some of it was the same information that I had heard from the last few days, with a couple of new stories.  The other part was stories that I was lost, because of the number of different topics.  It makes you think about how complicated life has become.







Remember how life used to be so simple.  The times when you were a carefree child without a worry in the world.  Every experience life was a special part of  your memory…



I do not consider myself as a great writer, but an avid dreamer, an artist, with a great vision of life. Being a writer is a new career for me, so there are so many things that I have to learn. I love learning things. I also love change and opening myself to new adventures. I have a lot of interests besides for romance, which is the type of book I am writing. I also love motivational and spiritual anything, i.e. angel. The things that help you when times are tough. Just like many I have experiences of good and bad times through life. Most of my life, even young as twelve I worked continuously, my last job, I retired after 25 years. Where I go in the future, who knows? I have Bachelors in Business, AA in Office Procedures, AS in Consumer and Family Studies, Diplomas in Legal and Fashion, among others. My first book that I have completed is a romance novel trilogy of about three sister, Olivia, Samantha and Maxie (Mommy's living dolls). Keep following me, I have something really special to tell you. I promise you will love it. My goal, "I am going to open up your heart" xoxo

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