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Do you feel as if something you do today will affect your tomorrow?

In life today, we all have something that is kept in the closet.  The things we keep hidden away in our  closet or stored in a draw can get out one day.   

secrets, lies, hidden away, honesty


drawerPolitics, it is getting dirty from Hilary Clinton to Donald Trump.

There are sex tapes and nude photos being leaked, Vanessa William, Miley Cirus.

Then there are the one who are talking badly about others on Facebook or Twitter, Miley Cirus.




Would you like to be like Kanya West, when you get a few drinks, it becomes a time to tell it like it is?  Who wants to be a say what you mean, and mean what you say like Joe Biden.  What is hidden away is part of you, you have to think about the possibility that it will come out one day, and be prepared for the outcome?  Life is about choices; we have to know that the outcome of the things we do can affect us later.  Honesty can only go at far as the things that you never want to be discuss with others.  Everyone something hidden again, we all fall short at one time or another, so we can’t hold it against someone else. They are the only ones who have to own up to their secrets that have come out the closet.  You never want others to look in your closet or draws.



I do not consider myself as a great writer, but an avid dreamer, an artist, with a great vision of life. Being a writer is a new career for me, so there are so many things that I have to learn. I love learning things. I also love change and opening myself to new adventures. I have a lot of interests besides for romance, which is the type of book I am writing. I also love motivational and spiritual anything, i.e. angel. The things that help you when times are tough. Just like many I have experiences of good and bad times through life. Most of my life, even young as twelve I worked continuously, my last job, I retired after 25 years. Where I go in the future, who knows? I have Bachelors in Business, AA in Office Procedures, AS in Consumer and Family Studies, Diplomas in Legal and Fashion, among others. My first book that I have completed is a romance novel trilogy of about three sister, Olivia, Samantha and Maxie (Mommy's living dolls). Keep following me, I have something really special to tell you. I promise you will love it. My goal, "I am going to open up your heart" xoxo

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