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If you were told that you have cancer today, are you prepared?


If you were told that you have cancer today, are you prepared?

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I was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, after having an annual exam.  At the time, I was in denial as if they were wasting my time by making me go through all the testing.   Then I got the call that it was cancer, and that I would need surgery.  I was still in denial as my life was being turned upside down, going from one appointment to another within in a few months preparing for surgery. I had to put aside everything that I was planning at that time, and in the coming up months.  I was accepting that I had it and did not think at any time why me. 

Last year around this time, a person that I knew well had just been informed that she had cancer, there was nothing more which could be done for her.  I remember being in the hospital, talking to her while she tried to consul her family that there was nothing she could do.  She did at that time say, “Why me”. 

When the doctor called me to say I would need a second surgery, it was six weeks after my first one. I was a little upset, and at that time however I still did not think why me.  I had been putting off all the thing I wanted to do now, since the first surgery and preparing to go through recovery treatment, it can be overwhelming.

If you were told that you have cancer today, are you prepared?  Most people work, and save time for a vacation.  No one saves the time for medical problems, that could exalt all your savings.  Same thing applies to all the time you will have to take off for doctors appointments and cancer treatment.  No one thinks of things like that, we only want to think of the good things in life. Unfortunately, the unexpected can happen to anyone.

It is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  It is important to get the exam, and be safe rather than find out when it may be too late.



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