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You can put off some things for a while, however, not forever.

You can put off some things for a while, however, not forever. I will be having my three breast cancer surgery this coming up week. Let’s pray for a better success than the last two times. The doctor said if he does not get all the cancer this time, we made need to do more drastic measures. What does that mean?

All I keep thinking about is all the time away from my life that is taking, which is bad, because the whole purpose is for me to live. I guess I am getting ready to find out in the next couple of weeks. What would you do if the doctor said, there is nothing else that can be done for you?

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I thankful for…

Last night at church service, the Pastor preached about being thankful, not for what you have, but for what has been given to you.  A lot of people forget about the little things, but instead focus on what they do not have.

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How strong is your faith?


It has been a few weeks since I blog about my battle with cancer. After the second failure to contain the cancer, I told the doctor, I needed a break. I did not want to go under the knife again so soon.




The whole thing is overwhelming enough without hearing you need a third surgery. Instead, I took a step back, and used the time to focus on other things. The bills for the last two surgeries had been coming in; I need to have a little fun, breath a little. I took the time to look into other options. I was told no other recourse but another surgery.

Have you ever had your life put on hold? Do you know someone who has been through cancer, did or did not make it?

I was accepted the first time they told me I had cancer. I have a strong faith that whatever happens; God has the last say. The second times that I was informed that I would have to have another surgery, I was little more shock. It was that same faith that is helping me not to fall apart. Faith is helping me now, to continue and not give up. We walk by faith not by sight.

As the time goes on, I thank God for protecting me and guiding me in the along the way. I give cancer no power.


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Two weeks until Thanksgiving, will someone be expecting you?

ThankfulIn two weeks from today it will be Thanksgiving Day. Who wants turkey, ham, stuffing, how about some sweet potato pie?
What are you looking forward to, a day off, sports, parades, family, friends, or just a great meal?
I have a lot of family, so there will always be a place to get a good meal. However, the time spent with family and friends coming together is worth some much more; you never get the moments back. It is like one of the greatest gift from God for us to come together and give thanks.
I pray the same for everyone to connect with family and friends during the holidays.
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It’s Veterans Day. It means so much more, honor.

I remember the day when my son said he was considering going into the military.  I thought my son, who until then only focus was being a musical, and hopping cars.  I thought, who are you, where is my kick-back child.  Of course, he was in his early twenties at the time, struggling like everyone young person these days.  He went in and I admire him even more for making the decision so many would not.  I remember him calling me, while in boot camp as he realizes what a person in the military has to be ready to do, die and see death.  That is a hard for many of us when we say good-bye to love ones or any person, that we have known who die from illness or old age. There is a lot more that is required of a person in the military, when you sign up you are honoring everyone by saying I am ready to serve my county.

Everyone one knows someone who served in the military through the years.  The stories of what is required to be in the military, only few will take on that challenge.  It makes us admire them even more.  There is an honor that they carry with them, regardless of how long they served.  Whether it was Army, Navy, Marines, or any area of the military, there is pride. 

It’s Veterans Day. Thank you for your service.


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Do you have the same ambition you had as a child.

We see it in the young, and remember how we use to be.  As a child, we are enjoying life, not realizing all the struggles that will come along with adulthood.  When you are young, it is easy to set your goal high.

Ambition and drive starts then when a child starts to compete in games, and later in sport.  I grow up in a fairly large household with lots of brothers and sisters. I remember when I was growing up, every child in my family would participate in sports. Whatever one did the others followed through school?  We all run track, some played basketball; and others baseball, everyone did sports and lots of school activities.  We never consider ourselves better than the other siblings, and we did not always win in everything we did.  We all were very good in sportthe kids and won many awards, mainly because we would practice together and work hard. 
Now that I am older, I still have that ambition and drive that I had as a child.  I also try not to let disappointment keep me down.  If you want to succeed you have to be willing to go the distance, and finish the race when or lose.   



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A Happy Ending

A Happy Ending



We all want the storybook ending.  We all want the things  that can make our life happy, that is part of the story.  The struggles and failures, we experience is another chapter.   






However, the greatest chapter may not have even been written.  Don’t sell yourself short on what can be the best  part of the book.  When we aim high in our goals, it  means we have to work hard, and accept the thing that comes along the way.  The final chapter of your story has to be the best part.  We all can see the happy ending coming  that way. 

Our life is filled with lots of stories and events, that we will tell many times over.  What will be the greatest or part of your story?