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Live free of too many demands is a great goal for 2016.

Live free of too many demands is a great goal for 2016.

At the end of 2015, we all have regrets, and want to do better in the coming year. There are things that we can do to make the coming up year better.



Try not to put too many demands on yourself.

Set reasonable expectation.

Don’t let other people’s situation become take over you.


One of the simple things we can do will make the greatest impact on our lives.  Start here.



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Let’s get motivated for 2016.

Let’s get motivated for 2016.




We only have a few more days left in the years.  The Pastor preached on finishing 2015 in a mighty way, so I have been seeing what things in can complete this year or get things resolved.  Some things I just did what I could and then went on to take care of other issues.  When we can get stuck on one thing too long, we don’t have time to do anything else.  The best way to end 2015 is to get what you can complete, then it truly will be a great beginning to a new year.


Based on, “I Don’t Want To Waking Up in the Same Place” by Ivy Lynns

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I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. Well it’s officially here…

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas.  Well it’s officially here, for the rest of us, it just cold weather.  It’s time to prepare for the chilly weather.

Living on the West Coast, we had such a long summer, with very little rain.  I expected us to have a cold and wet winter; it seems to be coming true as I listen to the forecast for the coming up week.


A lot of people did get out during this past holiday weekend to the movies.  Star Wars reach a billion dollars in movie goers.

If you can’t get out streaming seems very popular, and in 2016, there will be more.  I admit I love to myself.

In order to prepare for the cold weather, I did hunt for my large jackets.  I tried to deny it by walking outside without a coat, but each time I went out it was colder.

Other things that we need to get are rain coat, boots, and snow chains.  If you have not done it yet it time to check the windshield weeper.  Part of being safe is being prepared, let get ready for the winter.


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Have you forgotten a gift?


Have you forgotten a gift?

There is only a few more days left to get what you want from the stores.  Every place you go, it will be crowded, so we have to be patience.  It is possible you may not even find everything that you wanted.  If you don’t it is not the world, because the greatest gift has already been given to us.

When Jesus was born it was the greatest gift to man.   Over the years, his  grace and mercy that we have been given, they speak in volume about giving.  Sometimes we forget when as we focus of what we want and expect, during the holidays, that we have already been blessed. 

I wanted that raise; I did not get it.  I wanted a new car, so I got it.  The gifts that we are given, that are least expected can be the greatest.  The tree maybe full with decoration and present below it; however, the true gift won’t be under the tree.  It is the spirit of Jesus. 




“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. … As for me, if I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people to myself.”

John 12:32

Jesus born.


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“All I want for Christmas…” What would you like for Christmas?

IMG583“All I want for Christmas…”

What would you like for Christmas? Can it be found under a tree? I was talking to a friend, who was tell me about all the working she had been doing.  She had been wrapping gift for days to be handed out to children.  When you are young, you get excited about a gift, even when you have so much already.  That is a fantastic thing to be a part of even when you are older.

Sometimes we do so much for others that we don’t consider ourselves. What would you like for Christmas?

If you are like me, you know it has already been given to you by Jesus. Grace, Mercy, Peace, and Joy

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People have to see change, however you have to want to also.

20150709_104548Are you ready for a change?

We are always looking for the new and improved things in the stores from the television to the cell phone.  At times like Christmas, there are a lot of new and improved items.  There are many new movies coming out around this time of year, like the new Star Wars.  It may be based on the old story being redone and now improved by adding million of dollars to the budget for making it.

When you see the move, you expect to be amazed, even though it is an old story being made to a new movie.  They will add some new characters, and new story line to amaze you.  That is what you want to see a great movie.  There will be a lot of people watching every detail to see if it can be as amazing as the first time.

However, if you expected to see the same movie as before you will not be happy will the changes.  If the stories takes a turn in the wrong direction that you can’t see where the story is going you may be unhappy?  Not everyone will be pleased with the new movie.

Life in general is like that also, changes can lead you in many directions that you did not expect to go.  We have to grow and improve with the times.  The person we are today should not be compared to the person we were twenty years ago.  We can only hope that with each year there is are improvement in our life, that we can seen.

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Is it your birthday?

GiftsIn a couple of days some of us will be getting gifts in celebration of Christmas from family and friends.  Is it your birthday?

I remember when I was young we us to put out the cookies and milk for Santa to come and bring us present, something many families still do, if they have young children.

There will be a lot of lots of gifts being passed around, and some of us will have a family gathering for a meal, a lot of us will have the day off, many places will be closed in celebration of the holiday.

Is there something about the holiday that is special to you?  What will mean the most after all the present have been open and the day has ended?  Most of us look forward to the tradition of Christmas, getting present, however some of us focus of other things that it means the birth of Jesus.  Early Christian did not even celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, even those the wise men brought guess on the birthday of Jesus.  Hanukkah, Kawaza and others  celebration base on your Christmas season.

Everyone loves tradition and holiday, we should think about part of the Christmas and make memories for the years to come.  If you are celebrating the birth of Jesus take the time to worship him during the holiday, don’t make it about you when it is not your birthday being celebrated.

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Today is Monday, we get start fresh.  1574R-02766A


Don’t look back to things that did or did not happen last week, and move forward.  There are a few week left in this years to clear up some of the things you want to get accomplished.


It is countdown time til the end of 2015, and we will be going into a New Year.  We should always look forward to where we are going regardless of where we are at this moment in life.