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What is your high potential for life?

Some people make being successful seem easy; however everything I am doing and have done in my life has been hard work. I had some ups, and some downs along the way, hard work. Five degrees, 30 years of experience, hard work. I am still trying to reach my highest potential.
We all have many opportunities in life to do more and achieve what we never expected. You have to keep on aiming higher.
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God’s Love means so much more…

God’s Love means so much more, because he loves me in spite of my own self.

A lot of us will get angry, disappoint and walk way from someone who has done us wrong.  We will leave a job, or person who is not giving us what we need.  Look at others to be there for us when we are going through problems in life.

When your baby cries you pick them up and comfort them, in spite of how much they resist your comfort.  No one would walk away from their child, when they are sad, needed food, or comfort.

We can do fight against God all we want, but he will be there when we need to be pick up.  When we have fallen on difficult times, or situation, even if you feel unworthy of love, and everyone has turned against you; he still loves you.


Love of your child

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Move on, from the

What do you do when someone stops listening to you on a certain issue?  Move on, life too short to deal with other people’s problems, your time is precious.
Dear O and Friends,
It’s time to get going.  First, I need to get some energy.  A healthy body, means a healthy mind.  I am about to move forward with my goals.  You have to know where you want to be in your own life.  It is important to know where your priorities are.
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Start something, go somewhere; do nothing and you go no where.

Start something, go somewhere, do nothing and you will go no where.  I was watching this guy.  He really wanted to mow the lawn; however, the forecast said rain. Work is work, and he obviously needed the money.










Whenever we plan to do something; there seems to be other things that will get in the way.  That is how it is in life.  We can avoid a lot of things by let other issues get in the way.  Sometimes we just have to get started, regardless of what may or may not happen.  Some people will use this same reason, rain not to go to church.  However, can you use that as a reason not to go to work.  Can the excuse stop you from moving forward in life?

We have to be able to move on, regardless of what may come our way.  Don’t let the rain, or any issue stop you from seeing the big picture in your life.

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7 Steps To Successfully Launch Your Avon Business

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