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What was on your mind…

What was on your mind as you laid down last night?   You may have prayed for someone or something, then prayed again this morning. Prayer is good; however, what you may want is for the day to be better than the one before.  But what else was on your mind, when you went to bed?  If you are like me, there are a lot of thoughts that go on in your mind at night, the things that went on during the day.  The issues that you are unresolved.  Many think over the things they need it to do, or did not do.












Did you know that when you dream, you can be solving problems?  The pressure upon the mind, or on the mind can be released while you are solving problems.  You can think over the things for the next day, and then you become better prepared for it.  A good day comes from being prepared.  We can use things like that to make better decisions.

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Pictures of your past tell a story of your life.

Almost everyone has pictures from their past.  We have snapshots that have been saved from the times we were little babies, being a young child, and family events.  The funny part is looking at yourself through the years, and seeing how you have changed over time.  As we grow older, we along with everything around us changes.









Many people have pictures from each year, as they grew up.  There are pictures of great moment in our life with family.   Some of the times when we were doing great things in our life, winning awards earned through different events.  It can be good and sad at the same time, thinking over the years.  As we look at so of the people who are not with us, of the great times that we will never forget.  Many will have good memories of the times, that are now gone.   Where the time has gone, to many of us will wonder, as we look back at our life?  Everything that we wanted and hoped for at during the past has changed.  Looking at the photos can bring back some of the greatest memories of the person we use to be.  Most of us had some plans for what we wanted to do then, and in the future as we grew.  We were driven to achieve many things in life, even the simple plans of the day or week.

Even now you will need to be inspired, because the times have changed, and we cannot go back.  The question is, are you still motivated?


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Are you working on that million dollars idea?

Dear O and Friends, it is time to get back on track. I have been busy these last few weeks attending a wedding and two reception.  One wedding just happens to be for the Bishop, who is also an attorney, at the church I attend.  With all the things going on during these last few days, I also have been working less on my website, which I needed to get in order.  Promoting a website is a large job in itself.  However, if I want it to make money there is a large amount of time that needs to be dedicated to it.  That apply to anything you do in life.  Working on be a success can be hard.  Are you working on that million-dollar idea?  What you are doing today that will affect how successful you will afterward?
I was listening to a story about a woman who started tracking her daily activities in life.  She would write and show pictures of the little things that she did each day.  She wrote about her exercising routine, cooking a healthy meal, caring for her family, and so on.  This help her and others, who could relate to what she was doing, now she is making millions of dollars.  It that social media, drawing in advertiser.  Many people viewed her stories, and she developed a social following.  This is just one ways to be successful these days.
Most business will start with one good idea, and a lot of work. These day’s sharing is a major part of the process. People have to like what you are doing, as with any job.  Whether you are an attorney who represents clients, or a Bishop, who is preaching a word from God. You want to say something that will impact others, that is how great ideas grow along with people who will following.
Do you see yourself doing something great in life? A you working toward that goal?
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Everything has value, even…

ASIA007The sun is valuable because it brings us heat.  We need the sun.





The rain is precious because it brings us water. It is valuable to the trees, and everything around us. So we need it.  The air we need it to breath, to live, so we need it.  Everything around us has some value, and we need many things to exit.

Even us, we were created by God for a reason.  Your parents protected you, guided you through your life. Everywhere that you go, you leave a mark of your existence.  The things you do remind people who you are here.  You fill-in a space that has a void, and it brings life all around it.

Somewhere in life you will be at the right spot, at the time for someone.  There will be a time when you are the only one who is there to help, at a certain place.  At some time we will be in the right position for something that is least expected.  A blessing from above will come down on us.  Everything in life has a reason and value, that including us.  The things we do each day, when we live each day, just as the sun rises to a new another day, add to the situation around us.  We add to the day, the people around us, be it your job or the store that you purchase from each day.  We add by being at a certain place, at a certain time, and bring value to everything around us.  Let’s live according to our value.

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Who has the upper hand?

I was watching a story of a woman who was having a hard time managing her finances on television.  She signed up for a program, in which she thought could help her.  It was supposed to be a government program for people who need help.  Of course, it should have been a sign to her that it was not true when they asked for money to get money.  However, what happen next was sad because the person from the program, started to befriend her then convincing to that they could be more.   Next thing you know, the Feds were at her door, accusing her of being involved in the con.  Trusting people get conned everyday.

There are those who will be out to get you, bring you down, come up by using you.  Facebook does not work with one person; however, only one person gets the recognition.  I am sure the other got a thanks for your help.

Do you know someone who is always trying to get the upper hand, by using others?  A person who considers themselves wittiest, clever, or smarter than others.  That is what con men do, capitalize on the weakness or sympathy of others.

However, when God has your back, he will reveal those things to you.  God always has the upper hand, will take care of you in spite of everything that will be against you.  Don’t lose everything by being angry, upset, at other or yourself, for being on the receiving end.  You have to let it go, think of it as a lesson to be learned for the next time.  We grow by every experience, the good and the bad one in life.




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What will your week look like?

Dear O and friend: With everything going on in my personal life, it is hard to stay on track. However, the work still has to get done. It is important for me not to lose track of where I am going, and what the goals are. Writing, developing a money-making website, and building a following is a lot. There are things that have to be done, many tasks to be completed. That is part of being your own boss, the buck starts with you. You have to be flexible, that is me 100%.
I have to some important things coming up; however, it is time for me to work on my next promotion for Ivy’s Memory Makers.
It is Monday, let all the least and the most of a new week.