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On days like this is when you matter. Go Vote, because…

Today is the day that we have been finally waiting for, to see if Donald Trump can beat out Hilary Clinton.  He would be ideal for President if he didn’t offend everyone in his path.  She wou…

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Prayer for others, bless others, and you too…

Usually when I pray, name all my family, I go down the line calling each person’s name, thinking of their need. At the end, I remember that I too need prayer. I think of others who are worst …

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These days we have to rely on God, and the words in the bible more.

Can Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton become President, without God? We know God is forgiving and accepting of our faults; however, can either of them become President without God? Can we go to father, without going through the son?

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The news is our reality, are you out of touch?

Are you out of touch with the reality of what is going on in the world?  You maybe trying to put on blinder in order to avoid the issues of the world?  However things are happening that affect us all.

Each day the news has stories about people being killed, crimes being commented one another.  Then there is the many other issues that affect us all daily not just the weather, traffic, or sports.  There is the economy and financial issues.  The reality is that thing are happening in your neighborhood.  Many of us don’t take time to sit and watch the daily news these days.

Some people try to avoid the issues of what is going on in the world, thinking it is unimportant or depressing.  Some don’t see the importance of what is being reported.  The issues of politics, and the daily events that are being covered, even though it is the reality of our life.  The reporting of these stories lets you know that it is happening all around us, not just in your home.

There are those who feel as there is nothing of important that they need to know.   The reality of things going on that people want to avoid, or do not want to face.  It can feel like a cloud over you, if we focus on it too much.  How far out of touch with life do you really want to be?









There are many things happening that we need to be aware of as we lead go on daily.  By reading, watching, and hearing even the traffic on the road can help you.  We are facing difficult times with issues that a lot of us may not want to know about like the things going on all over the world, or even on our block.  You may know want to know about someone being killed, or what is going on with the politician, however it is our life.  Reality is graffiti, sad, and some issues are hard to face, like racism.  How we handle on life is part of how we look at the different situation.  No one ever can see themselves facing the same things that we see on the news, however it is reality, being informed is important.  The news is not just about what is happening with celebrities, fun things to do; it is real.   It helps us to be prepared for what is to come in the future; it is our reality of life today.


Are you out of touch, with the things of the world?