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Some people are giver and others takes.

Are you a giver or a taker? A giver will go without some thing, a taker does not know to.
Matthew 7:12
“Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. … Therefore, all things whatsoever ye DESIRE that men should do unto you, so also shall ye do
The whole pie

If someone offered you $1,000, 000, most of us would take it.  We play the lottery just hoping to get a sliced of the pie.  When you are young, you have many choices. Most choose to in their own direction, then somewhere along the way wish that they followed the other road. You cannot go back and in the past and change what we did or didn’t do. What would you want to change in your life? Many of us wish we had a great job as a doctor lawyer, or the president of a big company. That would have required you to go to school and train which many by passed that in their lives. Most people do not want to go the extra mile in order to have that kind to job.  Right now, I am working on start my own business, even though I have a degree, it still requires a lot of hard work.  It am going to have to learn how to make the pie.  Since I am a giver I will sharing the information of how you can do it also.

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Do an assessment of yourself and your skills.

What do you need to be success in life?  For my business class assignment I was asked to set a 12-week goal for myself.  It is hard because I need to determine two goals, choose a way to measure them, think how I will achieve the goals, and what relevant needs to be done in order to accomplish this goal. That is a lot to do.  First step is to do an assessment of where I am with my business plan, to where I want to be.

There are people who will say they need money in order to have a good life.  In order to get the money you want is the question, there is a process that is required.  You need to evaluate skills and what is needed in order to improve your life.

Many people will pray for favor, but even God wants you to take the first step.  It can be favor to have an idea that will lead you in the right direction. You have to open your mind to all the possibilities.





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Believe In Something

Who will share your good and your bad times? I was listening to a story yesterday about a woman who husband was divorcing her in the mist of her being diagnosed as an illness. What happened to through good times and bad? People these days go through the motion of what is expected of them; however, these days many do believe the same as they did in the past.  A lot of traditions and customs have changed along with the way people think.  Our belief in life has shifted, and many do not have strong faith when going through trouble times.  Everyone has problems, some will focus on it, and forget all the good things that have happen before they got to this point.  In school you may have had a few bad grade, however you graduated, no one can take that away from you.  One bad relationship out of ten, shows that another person will come along.  Losing one job, even when you have worked about five different ones over the last five years, can means you will most likely find another.
Even the people who go to church, they know God’s word, and what was promised.  Everyone gets tested, and your faith will be challenged.  When you are going through things in your life,  you are either going to accept the challenge or not.  Change is life’s cycle, it is what we all have to go through.  Believe that things will get better, regardless of what is going on at the moment.  In the end of the day you have to accept, move past, and be happy.
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Labor Day, Thank you to the many who work for others.

There are Police officers, firemen, government workers, construction workers, military, and so many more who work to helping us.  The people who work in the fields, and in the factories, construction workers, and so on, even the gardener, they our labor.  Labor Day,  The first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.  We can’t live without other to help us in this world.  Don’t forget the people who work in the church, serving, singing, praying, and the man who preaches the word from God.  No one the work is long hours, and there are so many needs that are required.  Thank you for all you do.




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We all want to be blessed

I help out the church homeless ministry. Many of us who work every day are struggling to make it. I have said to others, that we all just one paycheck from being on the street. You should never think of yourself as better than the people who are there living in the street, and that you would never stand in line for help.

Have you ever been there, waiting line for your turn, hoping for a blessing from somewhere, or for help in at a difficult time?  That is what faith is all about, knowing that God can send something your way that you need also, in the mist of no where, when you need it. You don’t have to be living on the street to get a gift from God, just look around you.

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