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Sales is a hard job, however it can make or break a business

The next class I am taking is Sales, which is going to be a lot of work for me. I am not an aggressive person. In order to start a business you need to be. This is going to be a good for me.

I volunteered to help one of the students in class sell some porcelain dishes that she inherited from a business that went under. We are going to the swap meet to sell. This will be great practice for me.

People who can sell are valuable in a business these days.  They can be the driving force in making a business a successful.

What makes a good sales person?

Some things I know are:

Someone who can talk with ease.

A person who is friendly, and can approach people freely.

You have to have a great personality.

Be able to make people laugh.

Some other things maybe to:

A person who knows the product.

A person who is driven to succeed.

You need to like a challenged.

Can you sell?


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Can you debate a subject, justify, sway, argue nicely?

On the debate, what did you want to be discussed by #Hilary Clinton or #Donald Trump, with the country having so much to consider this year?  A debate is for a formal discussion on a particular topic in a legislative assembly, or a public meeting, where there are opposing arguments.


The Debate


A President of a large Corporation does the what is best for the business.

The Head of an organization has to do what is best for the people they are representing.

An Attorney has to do the best for his client by arguing the best defends.

A Doctor has to do everything that is best for his patient.

The President of a country has to do the best for everyone whom they represent.

You want to succeed by doing what is best for EVERYONE whom you represent.  You cannot argue a point if you are do not have passion or care about a cause.  You have to be able to shine the light on, or convenience other what you can turn a situation around.

Yes, I will be one of the 100 million people watching the Presidential Debate for the first time ever, what about you?  Trump has talked badly about many things, and Clinton has had a lot to explain for over the years; which one will be able to justify themselves and argue the issues?  I will be watching to see if Hilary Clinton will lose it, or can Donald Trump be trumped.  Which person will represent us well, the world will be watching?


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Is Your Mind Solving A Problem For You?

Is your mind solving a problem for you?
I wake up at 7am this morning, my mind was filled with all the things that I wanted to accomplish today.  My thoughts were in overload with a clear vision as I got up ready to work.  Each day I try to a little more for myself; however it can be hard to remember everything that needs to be done in a day.  You can be at work when the thoughts of cleaning your home and getting the laundry done will come into your mind, along with other task that you want to complete. Some of us will make a list, and add many tasks that we would like to accomplish.  By the time you go to bed at night, then remember the tasks that were to be to complete that day.  There are always issues that take priority as the time gets away.
They say when you sleep, your mind can solve problems that you may have, also it can give you ideas of the things you can do to make your life better.  After a good sleep, you will be ready to take action to complete some of the good thoughts that are on your mind.
One of my class assignments was to make a list of my daily schedule charting how many times I started and stop one task.  After a couple of hours, I could see that this was one of my major issues.  I could not go an hour without someone interrupting me, was talking to me, the phone was ringing, among other things like something else that took a priority over what I was doing at the moment.
How many times during your day are you interrupted?  What is your problem that you need to be solved?  Is there something that is on your mind?
Problem solving issue?  I will let you know how I solved my problem in the future.  This is going to be good.
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No one can be successful without a goal

It is hard to build a dream; you must have a vision and a strong desire, then every day you have to work on it.

I am in school right now taking business essential, even though I already have a degree in business. It is refreshing to me, as I am put my degree to work. I am working on achieving a goal of my own business; I use to work from 8 to 5, now I work 6 to 11. You have to what is needed to become a success, then work on it.

You have to first have your mind-set that you will be successful, make a plan, and do the work.  Also, remember not to let others get in your way.  You may have to bypass a few people in your life to move up the ladder.

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