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Merry Christmas. I didn’t go into depression like I usually do during this season.

Merry Christmas, I didn’t go into depression like I usually do during this season. I could have when my cousin who claims she is broke whenever we talk, a saw on Facebook that she was on her way to Paris, France and some other places for Christmas. The true is I just stayed busier then normal, now I am tired.  This is the week we all look forward to and dread, another New Year coming up.  We can say good-bye to all the things that made us sad about this year, and look forward to another great year ahead.  I said the beginning of 2016, something felt sad about the beginning.  A lot of good people passed on, a great friend of my family, Prince, and others the list is long.  However, in coming up of 2017; I feel is going to a good year.  It the change of season.

I am going to be a little sad when the reflection of this year are aired; the things like the worst election ever.  The words said about all the people running had everyone on edge.  You can’t take it back once you put it out there, must ask Mel Gibson, and others.  My churches Bishop and other always preach on seven as completion.  That means 2017 will be a mighty good year for some of us.  I think that I will be one.



Two weeks before Christmas, Three weeks before a New Year.

I was reminded, yet again that God has blessed me, even when I feel as if I don’t deserve it.
A part of the song says, “To see your sins and burden up on the cross.”
I have been so blessed this year, by no one but God, when I think back.
Many times you, just like myself are in a tunnel, going each day waiting for the rain to end, even on a sunny day.  I was struggling so much that I had not realized that God was there with me in the rain, but he was.  Now that the year is almost over and I can see all the greatness that was done, and I know it was God.  You have to look back at some point and know that you are not where you use to be.
1 Kings 10.7
But I did not believe these things until I came and saw with my own eyes. Indeed, not even half was told me; in wisdom and wealth you have far exceeded the report I heard.
Two weeks before Christmas, three weeks before a New Year, and I feel thankful.
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Natural or Work: Do you want to succeed?

For some success comes natural to them, and will do whatever they need to do in order to achieve it. Then there are those who have to work hard in order to succeed in life. No one becomes successful without work.

First start with a plan.  The plan should have an idea of what you where you want to be, and it too late to be a better you.  You always do something in order to improve your life.


Based on, “I don’t want to waken up in the same place tomorrow.” by Ivy Lynn


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Live By Faith

20151202_124959This is what the waiting room looked like last year when I had my third surgery for Cancer. There were lots of people waiting to hear about their love ones. I had my mother and brother who were there for me, I am grateful. I learned how to be humble when facing issues from my mom, she too was told she had Cancer few years back, two months after her triple bypass.
In church, the minister is always reminding even as Christian, people will watch you when you are going through trouble times. My mother did not over react when she was told that she had Cancer, and neither did I. We both knew that things will happen in life, and to put it in God’s hands.  You can’t give a testimony if you have not gone through anything, even though we can live by faith.
It the holiday season, a lot of people will focus on Christmas, gifts and the party, but there is another reason that is an important season, the birth of Jesus Christ.   There was no waiting room when Jesus was born, or hospital, however, many were waiting for his birth.
Have you ever had to wait, pray, hope for something?  You have to know that things get better.