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Don’t kill off others by burning the bridge.

I was watching a movie where these people had to cross a bridge when they were chased by someone who was going to kill them. They wanted to cut the bridge so that the killers would not cross, however, not everyone had made it yet. Some wanted to go back for the others, but it was too late the bridge has been cut. They stood as the others that had been left behind were being killed. Would you have cut the bridge and sacrificed other so that you can survive?


A brother may be cut off, a mother left behind for someone may choose to burn the bridge, it sad to your survival over others.   For the best life, don’t burn bridges when you can choose to help others.  It goes both, what goes around, comes around.



I do not consider myself as a great writer, but an avid dreamer, an artist, with a great vision of life. Being a writer is a new career for me, so there are so many things that I have to learn. I love learning things. I also love change and opening myself to new adventures. I have a lot of interests besides for romance, which is the type of book I am writing. I also love motivational and spiritual anything, i.e. angel. The things that help you when times are tough. Just like many I have experiences of good and bad times through life. Most of my life, even young as twelve I worked continuously, my last job, I retired after 25 years. Where I go in the future, who knows? I have Bachelors in Business, AA in Office Procedures, AS in Consumer and Family Studies, Diplomas in Legal and Fashion, among others. My first book that I have completed is a romance novel trilogy of about three sister, Olivia, Samantha and Maxie (Mommy's living dolls). Keep following me, I have something really special to tell you. I promise you will love it. My goal, "I am going to open up your heart" xoxo

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