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A rainy day in Southern California

We have been waiting for this rainy weather all week-long, in fact, most of us probably didn’t believe it would happen. Last week I purchased new windshield wipes because mine were worn out, but I waited until I saw the rain to put them on. That is what living in California mean, we don’t expect bad weather here. Last time I went out to do some things, when it was raining, I saw a few people in short pants and flip-flop shoes. I have walked out with no jacket or umbrella when it was raining. I love the sun but I also love the rain.


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Change is good

It is a new day.

A new beginning.

Life is good.

You get up every day and prepare for a new day.  We change are clothes from what we worn the day before, we shower and comb our hair in order to look fresh for a new day.  It is a new beginning that comes along with a new day.  Life is good when you know that you can start again.  What is it that you would want to change from the day from before?

We should never hold on to issues that we can’t change.  It is hard to sleep when you can let something go.  You won’t move on if you are stuck in the same place.

I was given some good advice from someone one day.  I thought this person knows, so I went to work to make some changes.  We all are never to old to changes.  Listen when someone tells you something with an open mind, it may be important and just what you need to know.