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Prepare for a breakthrough

When will my breakthrough come?


I have been doing the 21-day fast the other church members.  The kind of fast where you cut out sweets and bread replaces them with healthy fruits and vegetables. It important to drink a lot of water and read a verse from the bible to keep you strong. You have to also pray for a breakthrough in your life. In order to do better in life, we have to work on change. The purpose of the fast is to reduce food and drink intake, we also pray for changes in our lives. A breakthrough is the achievement of a sudden result of the change. We give up all the bad food and focus on a major desire we are hoping for. The purpose of prayer is to take away all the negative energy going on in your life.
We all need a break sometimes in our life when the bad things just keep piling up. Fast and Pray is a There is a desire to turn it around and change the direction of our situation so that we can move another level in our life.  Breakthrough are something that we all want and pray for, however, you have to be willing to put forward so effort and have patience until it happens.