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We will move on in life. You get many choices.

When my son learned to play the drums at a young age, every chance he got he would play. He went all over town, seven days a week, if you called him, he would be there. He would walk through the house, stomping his feet, and banging of things with the drum stick as if he was playing the drums.  Then he joined a car club, I don’t remember how many times he came home with another car that he put all his money into only for it to be junked. One day he made another decision, to leave it all and . We all have to make a road for ourselves through our lives. There will be many choices, not just one.


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Prepare for a breakthrough

When will my breakthrough come?



I have been doing the 21-day fast with my  church members.  It the kind of fast where you cut out sweets and bread; replaces them with healthy fruits and vegetables.  It important to drink a lot of water and read a verse from the bible to keep you strong. You have to also pray for a break though in your life. In order to do better in life we have to work on change.    

The purpose of the fast is to reduce food and drink in take, we also pray for changes in our lives.  A breakthrough is the achievement of a sudden result from change.  We give up all the bad food and focus on a major desire we are hoping for.  The purpose of prayer is to take away all the negative energy going on in your life. 

We all need a break sometimes in our life, when the bad things just keep piling up. Fast and Pray is a  There is a desire to turn it around and change the direction of our situation, so that we can move another level in our life.

Breakthrough are something that we all want and pray for, however, you have to be willing to put forward so effort and have patience until it happens. 



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Is it your child’s dream to be president one day?

I wonder if Obama ever thought of be president when he was a small child?  I remember playing with the other kids when I was a young child, sometimes we would play as if we were in a classroom, someone always wants to play teacher and teach everyone.  A lot of kids like to play doctors and give out medicine.  Most boys want to play being a soldier, police officer, or fireman, girls like to play with dolls, being the mother. Most boys will play sports and think about become a pro when they get old, girls dream of becoming singer, or fashion model.  I don’t ever remember anyone saying I want to be president.   

Of course, many kids at a young age play sports with friends, like kick ball, track and football, hope to one day become a professional.  How do people decide they can be president and run a country.  It not like running a business, or even being a Judge, like some kids like to play.  To image yourself at a your age thinking of ways to cut the budget and spending for the world is something else.   

My son did not decide to go to the military until he was in his last twenties, my friend’s daughter join the military at eighteen.  Every child will see a direction for their life as time goes on.   

 With the drama involved in politics today, does any young person want to take on, thinking that they can do a better job?  Is there a future President in your child?  Do kids today even set their goals that high, at young age?  

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Ivy’s Memory Makers

Ivy’s Memory Makers is an online magazine to promote personal changes with positive thoughts through motivation and inspiration. Your life, as times goes on, change, the future, self-improvement, you can do better and have great memories through time. Where you are and where you want to be in life, family, relationship, employment, Joy, happiness, and being complete.

Source: Ivy’s Memory Makers

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What have you done to make life better for other?

We all have to look the mirror at where we were and where we are going in life.  This year there was a large stand with the #timesup movement and the silent breakers.  Many big name people donated to the case including Oprah.  If you have ever seen or experienced sexual unfairness on the job then you know why it is a worthy cause.  Of course, it would not have happen if one person did not take a stand.  One person was willing to stand up and tell it like it is.  Every time someone brings up issues that we know about, but are too afraid to speak up about the in justice, it shamed us all.  Think about all the years when those white only and black only water fountains exited.  There are many people including Dr Martin Luther King who step and said no more of this in justice.  Happy Birthday Dr. King, we honor you the standing up.


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Dig in Deep, mean doing a little more.

I was a single mother, I have over three degrees, and I worked most of my life, there were some hard times. I had to work so each morning I had to get up early enough to my son to childcare in a limited amount of time in before work.   There is a lot of responsibility that comes a long being a single parent.  While my son was young I decided to go back to school for my degree, so there was very little time for a social life.  It was a choice I made, just as many single parent who want to do better in life.  I was blessed to have a family who supported me by picking up my son when I worked late or had class.  In order to gain, you have to do a little more, dig in deep.


There are many people  who know about sacrificing in order to make things better in life for them and their future.  Sure their were some regrets along the way, disappointment, but you can never be disappointed with the things that you try in life.  Even if you don’t succeed in something that you worked hard for, you still will gain some in the long run.  You never know what your made of unless you know your strengths.


Take some chances by doing a little more in your life.





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Have you done your best, or is it in the works?

Have you done your best, or is it in the works?

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrew 11.1 What is your hope for 2018?  It’s a new year, which is a time to make changes and do better in the coming up year for most of us.  We all look forward to a fresh start so that we can plan to do better whether it is something simple like losing a few pounds or getting that degree.  A new year marks a time for us to prepare to do something different in our lives.


It a new season, a new day, a new year, we have to prepared for the changes that come around with it.

Fresh start  (Change)



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Don’t kill off others by burning the bridge.

I was watching a movie where these people had to cross a bridge when they were chased by someone who was going to kill them. They wanted to cut the bridge so that the killers would not cross, however, not everyone had made it yet. Some wanted to go back for the others, but it was too late the bridge has been cut. They stood as the others that had been left behind were being killed. Would you have cut the bridge and sacrificed other so that you can survive?


A brother may be cut off, a mother left behind for someone may choose to burn the bridge, it sad to your survival over others.   For the best life, don’t burn bridges when you can choose to help others.  It goes both, what goes around, comes around.


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Excuses for everything, but YOUR OWN CHOICES

Don’t you get tired of hearing could have, would have, from certain people. DO IT ALREADY, or stop blaming others for your poor choices in life.


Everyone knows someone who has said, I am going to do this or be this, and they did it?  Then there is the other, who stood by and watched, doing everything else but learning.


You should not have excuses for everything that you did or did not do in life.  It like the guy sitting on the stump, in front of his mother house.  He been there for years, saying what he would have done.  It is easy to watch, do the work is another story.



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Your hair style outdated, your clothes outdated, your ideas are outdated, also. What does that say about you?

It’s time to make some changes.


We can’t hold on to the past, just like we can’t stay in the past.