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Don’t kill off others by burning the bridge.

I was watching a movie where these people had to cross a bridge when they were chased by someone who was going to kill them. They wanted to cut the bridge so that the killers would not cross, however, not everyone had made it yet. Some wanted to go back for the others, but it was too late the bridge has been cut. They stood as the others that had been left behind were being killed. Would you have cut the bridge and sacrificed other so that you can survive?


A brother may be cut off, a mother left behind for someone may choose to burn the bridge, it sad to your survival over others.   For the best life, don’t burn bridges when you can choose to help others.  It goes both, what goes around, comes around.


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Excuses for everything, but YOUR OWN CHOICES

Don’t you get tired of hearing could have, would have, from certain people. DO IT ALREADY, or stop blaming others for your poor choices in life.


Everyone knows someone who has said, I am going to do this or be this, and they did it?  Then there is the other, who stood by and watched, doing everything else but learning.


You should not have excuses for everything that you did or did not do in life.  It like the guy sitting on the stump, in front of his mother house.  He been there for years, saying what he would have done.  It is easy to watch, do the work is another story.



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Your hair style outdated, your clothes outdated, your ideas are outdated, also. What does that say about you?

It’s time to make some changes.


We can’t hold on to the past, just like we can’t stay in the past.


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The chosen one, can it be you?

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On Sunday, the minister talked about a story in the Bible where Jesus chose a blind man and gave him sight.  He said after, “I was blind but now I can see”.

He preached about Jesus coming to a town.  When the people saw Jesus, many people begged and pleaded for his help except for a blind man. In fact, as the story goes, it was Jesus who chose this man.  There were those from the town who felt as if this blind man was not worthy enough, but Jesus saw differently.  He chose a person who was blind since birth, who never expected anything.  Jesus chose this man out of all the people who were there, to be healed.


It can be eye-opening to see how you can be chosen to do something that you never expected.  A lot of people go to college for one thing and do something different after.  Most of us have some kind of natural talent or can do something in which comes to us naturally.  Having children and raising them is a new experience for every first-time parent.  Think of all the first experience that you have had in life?  Have you ever been chosen to do something that you have never done before?  Anyone of us can be chosen, or given a chance in life when we least expect.  You can be healed not knowing that there is a problem.  At work, the boss may choose you for an opportunity to do something that we never have done.  Every day things happen all around us, it is a chance to do things differently.   Just like the blind man, you can be chosen and your life will be changed.  I guarantee you will see things differently.


John 9.3-11 Jesus Heals a man born blind


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We are all facing trouble, problems, and difficult times.

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Lots of people

Your money can be tight, your bills can be high, and there are just too many demands in your life.  Sounds familiar to you, everyone seems overwhelmed with daily issues these days. In fact, President Trump is learning that right now. The people living on the street, that is his problem; the fact that most of us are barely managing to survive is his problem, too.  His job is to take care of us all, just like a parent responsibility is to take care of their children.  However, you can’t expect him to know, understand, or even consider your personal needs.


We can look toward others for the basic things such as love, support, and help, however getting it is another things.  We want and have the hope that when we are going to issues in our life, there will be someone who we can turn to for support.   Our hopes, just like the job that most of us go to each day, can be gone at any moment.  When it is gone, you will lose the benefit like medical, that the job guaranteed, along with a paycheck that you live on and pays your bills.  You can have people who you consider good friends and family, they may disappear or walk away, in the other direction when you faced with problems.  It will leave you to handle it all alone. At times like that, you will have to make changes and be prepared to do things differently.  How do you handle change?


The important thing is to have faith in yourself and believe that things will go on and get better.  Look for ways to strengthen yourself.  Praying to God, who never leave you is important.  God on your side when trouble comes your way and on your side, during the difficult times.  Let’s go through difficult times and get better.


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Prayers through the Generations

I pray for my son and daughter-in-law that they have the life and chances I never had. My mother, my aunts, uncles, and others prayed for me.
Their prayers covered the whole family (sons, daughters, grandkids, and extended family). Through the generations, someone has prayed for us all.
That means you and your future generation will be blessed.
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Don’t Feel Less

Genesis 37 – Joseph Is Sold Into Slavery by his own brothers who were jealous of him.

You should never want to think less, feel less, or do less for you. You have all the power.  Everything that you do should be for you, and you should never compare yourself to others.  Enjoy being you.

Based on, “I always wanted to do.” by Ivy Lynns











I have a lot of loves and likes this is one

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Did you learn something from being young?

We grow older with each day and year, even if some actions may show differently. Some situations, we may have handled poorly and felt disappointed by our action. There is a saying, live and leave. We grow by the things that we go through in life.

When I was young my mother would say to me like all parents what not to do or do this.  Most parents try to guide their children in the right direction. My Mother, as many would tell me things to help me go in the right direction as a child. She would say things like get your homework done, pay attention in class, don’t stay up late, and other things when I was young. Of course, a lot of the things that my mother said went over my head I like many young kids, would rush to get homework done, pay little attention to the teacher, and just like all kids my priority was to have fun with my friends. Of course, there were the things my parent wouldn’t approve of, or the were unsafe. Later on, I would have to repeat those same words to my own children.

We learn many things from our parents and other things from going to school, the outcome will show in our life.  If you listened and paid attention to what is being said then and now there are so many lessons that are still being taught to you.