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You never know when you will be called up

I was to a high school baseball game the other day for my nephew.  He was always telling us about his games, so that day I just happen to be in the area where the game was being played.  I was surprised to see one of his good friends going up to pitch.  Later when I asked my nephew about his friend pitching, he said it was the first time that he had been chosen. 
Many of us have the potential for greatness that others see in the person we are. You never know when you will be called out from the field, and be chosen. It is your chance to shine.  You may be called up to pitch when you least expect it. Step up to the plate and make it your best throw. It’s about that opportunity that is given to you each day.
1 Samuel 16 11-12 (David was called from the field)
Kobe Bryant retiring from the L.A. Lakers basketball team.  I remember when he was drafted.  He had to sit and waiting for his name to be chosen for team, that opportunity for shine.  Congratulations you did it.

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