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Prepare for a breakthrough

When will my breakthrough come?


I have been doing the 21-day fast the other church members.  The kind of fast where you cut out sweets and bread replaces them with healthy fruits and vegetables. It important to drink a lot of water and read a verse from the bible to keep you strong. You have to also pray for a breakthrough in your life. In order to do better in life, we have to work on change. The purpose of the fast is to reduce food and drink intake, we also pray for changes in our lives. A breakthrough is the achievement of a sudden result of the change. We give up all the bad food and focus on a major desire we are hoping for. The purpose of prayer is to take away all the negative energy going on in your life.
We all need a break sometimes in our life when the bad things just keep piling up. Fast and Pray is a There is a desire to turn it around and change the direction of our situation so that we can move another level in our life.  Breakthrough are something that we all want and pray for, however, you have to be willing to put forward so effort and have patience until it happens. 




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Change is good

It is a new day.

A new beginning.

Life is good.

You get up every day and prepare for a new day.  We change are clothes from what we worn the day before, we shower and comb our hair in order to look fresh for a new day.  It is a new beginning that comes along with a new day.  Life is good when you know that you can start again.  What is it that you would want to change from the day from before?

We should never hold on to issues that we can’t change.  It is hard to sleep when you can let something go.  You won’t move on if you are stuck in the same place.

I was given some good advice from someone one day.  I thought this person knows, so I went to work to make some changes.  We all are never to old to changes.  Listen when someone tells you something with an open mind, it may be important and just what you need to know.




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Have you done your best, or is it in the works?

Have you done your best, or is it in the works?

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrew 11.1 What is your hope for 2018?  It’s a new year, which is a time to make changes and do better in the coming up year for most of us.  We all look forward to a fresh start so that we can plan to do better whether it is something simple like losing a few pounds or getting that degree.  A new year marks a time for us to prepare to do something different in our lives.


It a new season, a new day, a new year, we have to prepared for the changes that come around with it.

Fresh start  (Change)



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Excuses for everything, but YOUR OWN CHOICES

Don’t you get tired of hearing could have, would have, from certain people. DO IT ALREADY, or stop blaming others for your poor choices in life.


Everyone knows someone who has said, I am going to do this or be this, and they did it?  Then there is the other, who stood by and watched, doing everything else but learning.


You should not have excuses for everything that you did or did not do in life.  It like the guy sitting on the stump, in front of his mother house.  He been there for years, saying what he would have done.  It is easy to watch, do the work is another story.



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We are all facing trouble, problems, and difficult times.

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Lots of people

Your money can be tight, your bills can be high, and there are just too many demands in your life.  Sounds familiar to you, everyone seems overwhelmed with daily issues these days. In fact, President Trump is learning that right now. The people living on the street, that is his problem; the fact that most of us are barely managing to survive is his problem, too.  His job is to take care of us all, just like a parent responsibility is to take care of their children.  However, you can’t expect him to know, understand, or even consider your personal needs.


We can look toward others for the basic things such as love, support, and help, however getting it is another things.  We want and have the hope that when we are going to issues in our life, there will be someone who we can turn to for support.   Our hopes, just like the job that most of us go to each day, can be gone at any moment.  When it is gone, you will lose the benefit like medical, that the job guaranteed, along with a paycheck that you live on and pays your bills.  You can have people who you consider good friends and family, they may disappear or walk away, in the other direction when you faced with problems.  It will leave you to handle it all alone. At times like that, you will have to make changes and be prepared to do things differently.  How do you handle change?


The important thing is to have faith in yourself and believe that things will go on and get better.  Look for ways to strengthen yourself.  Praying to God, who never leave you is important.  God on your side when trouble comes your way and on your side, during the difficult times.  Let’s go through difficult times and get better.


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Don’t expect things to stay the same.

They were there, then they were gone; it was there, then it was gone.  The people and everything around you can disappear be gone, no matter who you are or what you do.  Money comes and go, to a wealthy person, it may not mean anything for them to lose a million dollars in a day, to many a few hundred will hurt.  That also applies to the people or things that we count on daily, monthly or yearly.  It can feel sad when changes happen in life, especially if you are not prepared, in fact, most of us never are.  We have to accept change and go with it, these days.

The people you depend on, even that special person may walk away from you at the worst time.  Faith and acceptance are an important part of life today.  Also the little things that you do for others may mean the most to them.  There are people who mean the most,  women and the role the play in our life and in the world today.

Today is International Women’s Day, women they are playing an even larger role than ever in the world.

We pay tribute to all women around the world, and what they do for us.*


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“These are my confession.” It is a song by Usher

“These are my confession.” It is a song by Usher

Who likes to confess?  A lot of people.  People will confession to their spouse, family, friends, minister, and God.


The question is, why; are you trying to changes, getting sympathy, or wrong a right?

So you have admitted a wrong, acknowledged a disgression, professed a wrong doing, but what is mean to accept that you were wrong.  Are you will the make changes in your life in order to make amends?   Confession doesn’t clear you from what was done or make it alright to do again.  Change your mindset and attitude goes further with a confession.  By holding on to things, makes it harder to let go.  We want to move on and do better in life.



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Pictures of your past tell a story of your life.

Almost everyone has pictures from their past.  We have snapshots that have been saved from the times we were little babies, being a young child, and family events.  The funny part is looking at yourself through the years, and seeing how you have changed over time.  As we grow older, we along with everything around us changes.









Many people have pictures from each year, as they grew up.  There are pictures of great moment in our life with family.   Some of the times when we were doing great things in our life, winning awards earned through different events.  It can be good and sad at the same time, thinking over the years.  As we look at so of the people who are not with us, of the great times that we will never forget.  Many will have good memories of the times, that are now gone.   Where the time has gone, to many of us will wonder, as we look back at our life?  Everything that we wanted and hoped for at during the past has changed.  Looking at the photos can bring back some of the greatest memories of the person we use to be.  Most of us had some plans for what we wanted to do then, and in the future as we grew.  We were driven to achieve many things in life, even the simple plans of the day or week.

Even now you will need to be inspired, because the times have changed, and we cannot go back.  The question is, are you still motivated?


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You never know when you will be called up

I was to a high school baseball game the other day for my nephew.  He was always telling us about his games, so that day I just happen to be in the area where the game was being played.  I was surprised to see one of his good friends going up to pitch.  Later when I asked my nephew about his friend pitching, he said it was the first time that he had been chosen. 
Many of us have the potential for greatness that others see in the person we are. You never know when you will be called out from the field, and be chosen. It is your chance to shine.  You may be called up to pitch when you least expect it. Step up to the plate and make it your best throw. It’s about that opportunity that is given to you each day.
1 Samuel 16 11-12 (David was called from the field)
Kobe Bryant retiring from the L.A. Lakers basketball team.  I remember when he was drafted.  He had to sit and waiting for his name to be chosen for team, that opportunity for shine.  Congratulations you did it.

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