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Excuses for everything, but YOUR OWN CHOICES

Don’t you get tired of hearing could have, would have, from certain people. DO IT ALREADY, or stop blaming others for your poor choices in life.


Everyone knows someone who has said, I am going to do this or be this, and they did it?  Then there is the other, who stood by and watched, doing everything else but learning.


You should not have excuses for everything that you did or did not do in life.  It like the guy sitting on the stump, in front of his mother house.  He been there for years, saying what he would have done.  It is easy to watch, do the work is another story.



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Don’t Feel Less

Genesis 37 – Joseph Is Sold Into Slavery by his own brothers who were jealous of him.

You should never want to think less, feel less, or do less for you. You have all the power.  Everything that you do should be for you, and you should never compare yourself to others.  Enjoy being you.

Based on, “I always wanted to do.” by Ivy Lynns











I have a lot of loves and likes this is one

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We were discussing priorities in my business class one night; when a student was saying that she hated her current job, she is an editor.  She worked 12-hours most days, a lot of her time is spent waiting on others to get the work in.  She was right about editing; it is hard work, because right now I am always having to do my own editing for my website.  I too work long hours going over the same work for hours.  A job becomes hard when you have to work for many, on their deadline.

It can be hard keeping your own priorities in life together.  Many of us have others who depend on us for the things they need done, also.  Rushing to get to work each morning, but you need to get the kids to school first, feed the animals, and other priorities before getting out the door is a battle.  Everyone has a list of things that they need to get done each day, and there are things that need to be done in order to make each day better.  If you don’t have a list, then there will be things that will be missed, that is what will make our lives a little better.


If you are like me you have about three or four list going on, the day, the week, and the future.


Blank Page
Blank Page
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Let’s get motivated for 2016.

Let’s get motivated for 2016.




We only have a few more days left in the years.  The Pastor preached on finishing 2015 in a mighty way, so I have been seeing what things in can complete this year or get things resolved.  Some things I just did what I could and then went on to take care of other issues.  When we can get stuck on one thing too long, we don’t have time to do anything else.  The best way to end 2015 is to get what you can complete, then it truly will be a great beginning to a new year.


Based on, “I Don’t Want To Waking Up in the Same Place” by Ivy Lynns

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Sunday is the time to relax, rejuvenate by giving your issues to God.

This week, the remaining school started back.  Traffic has increase, the bus and other public transportation is packed.  Some people do not know how to be nice; they want to speed ahead of everyone.  There is pushing into crowded areas even at Starbuck, in order to get a cup of coffee.  The things that people should not be doing like talking on their cell phone and yelling at their kids, instead of paying attention to the road.

Most of us will go through so many changes during the week with work, home and family.  Not to mention the weeks when there is extra to do; like this past week when many kids and other returned to school.  This week I was not exempt as I went to the college for class, there were more students than seats.  I watch the other class fill up also, thinking I don’t get this class, there would be a problem getting into another.

fresh air

While you are driving to work, into morning there is no way to miss the increase of children at the beginning of school.  The school areas are crowded with people trying to drop off children all at the same time.  By the time you get to work this first week, it can be tiring from all the increase of active.  On Saturday more have things to do that have been avoided all week, and do something for the coming up week.



It’s Sunday, time for worship and get rejuvenate; we have a lot to thank God for this day.  While praising you will be in the right frame of mind relaxed, and hopeful release all the issues from the week.  We need it because tomorrow will be Monday, time to start again.

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Do you look like you are having a bad day?

20150723_155712I know sometimes when someone says to me, you look great I don’t feel that way personally.  Everyone has issues in life.


Is your expression reflecting outward, where everyone can see?  Are you unapproachable?  The other day I was at the store, I had gotten in line to wait until it was my turn.  I looked at up and noticed the cashier who was ringing up everyone merchandises.  She had a blank expression of negativity all over her face.  It was early in the day, I thought, did she have a bad night or was it going to be a day.  Far be it of her to say to thank you as the person handed her the money.  God forbid for her to say, have a nice day.  I felt like I was in line for soup, at a soup kitchen.



Remember the Seinfield soup nazi, if you are nice, no soup for you.  Can your job take so much from you that you reflect the unhappy to everyone, or your life is it that the bad part you wear it everywhere you go?

Don’t get caught showing your disappointment life.

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Can you be consider a friend to others, and have no compassion?

As I was rushing out to church this morning, a thought came to my mind about a conversation that I was listening to the night before.  The person was going on about a FRIEND who did not have as him, and how this friend looks at him for help.

Can you really consider yourself a friend, and look down on the people you associate with?  How do some of the people, who are blessed with so much, have the least amount of compassion?  They won’t help anyone, or even give the straps off their plate to a dog. Obviously, a dog cannot feed itself.

It is sad when someone looks at others as flawed.  We all know someone who thinks they is about the above all the people they associate with.  They forget we all living are in the same world, when you help them, they will help you.  Be there for them and when you have problems, they will be there for you.  I have never known a team sport where there was only one player, a million-dollar company with one person doing everything, you need help to make it and survive.


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Do you need help, of course you do?

Do you need help?

Most of us will need help in some part of life, especially if we want to success.  I started a website a year ago to help promote the books I was writing and tell my stories.  It also now served as a place for my thoughts on life. 

   Of course, things have changed.  I made a simple site in the past, when I started designing beaded jewelry years ago.   At that time, I did not know it was going to be the way of my future.  There were not a lot of instructions, do this and that.  Now I am having to take web design classes because everything is more complicated these days. 


Help to Survive

If you look at all the top writers of books, movies, television show, or anything big you will see some of the most amazing websites.  In fact, I get many emails on how to help me make my site better.  There are companies that do Social Media, marketing, SEO, and other things.  It can take hours to read all the information being provided.

   Even in business you need help from those who focus is on that subject of success.  I was reading this from a website building company, “The difference between a bicycle and a Lexus.” 

Who will help you to succeed in life?  Are you willing to try something different from you have done in the past?  If you want to do better you may need to make changes in your life.  It is good at times to get, so that help so that you can succeed.  I will try to help you on your journey to success.



Are you willing to help other?

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I hate to disappointed in myself most of all.

I hate to disappointed in myself most of all.  I know I cannot get the time back by complaining about things.  It will not help if I whine about it.  You have to let it go and continue to do better.

I like hearing good things; it motivates me to do more.  Everyone starts off with a vision in life for themselves, or some may be based on others who they know or want to be like.  It is very important to know that if you give up because things did not work out, you will never see changes in your life.  These days you will see more successful people at a younger age; however they did not make it without a vision for themselves.  That is how we grow.

Here is where you can start, take your to-do list, and sort through it.  See if you can complete any one thing in it today.  Guess what, the fact that you took time to sort through your list, is a great way to start.  When you toss some of the things that make it better.  Once you start, your on a roll to making changes for the better.

Crossing little things off a to-do list is a major plus in getting things done.  Trust me, I know when your to-do list grows like mine of all the things, it can be overwhelming.  You have to cut, reorganize and make changes constantly.


Do Better