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Two weeks until Thanksgiving, will someone be expecting you?

ThankfulIn two weeks from today it will be Thanksgiving Day. Who wants turkey, ham, stuffing, how about some sweet potato pie?
What are you looking forward to, a day off, sports, parades, family, friends, or just a great meal?
I have a lot of family, so there will always be a place to get a good meal. However, the time spent with family and friends coming together is worth some much more; you never get the moments back. It is like one of the greatest gift from God for us to come together and give thanks.
I pray the same for everyone to connect with family and friends during the holidays.
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Would you like to be on a Reality Show?




Do you know television, movies, webcast, youtube, and other production companies are always looking at new ideas and faces?  If you had to come up with a new show what kind would you pitch? 

If you wanted to do a reality show in your city, who do you know in your area, or in your life would you want to have in the show?  Do you have any Madea in your family like Tyler Perry? Is there someone who you know, who is an inspirational, that you love to hang out with? There would be a lot of hanging out with others that you would have on your reality? 



The reality shows that I have seen it is amazing how they can take a life of anyone, and make it a show.  It is funny how some of the show can draw you in by doing just about anything.  They also draw you in by their choices like starting a business, or a new career.  Even taking care of the family needs while doing other things. 

The housewives shows exploded by that concept.  To featuring a group of women going through transitions in life, is something we all get drawn into, it is true reality.  Of course with the ego problems, it should be called, “Can these women get along.”  When every you get a group of women together there will be drama.

I have seen the Kardasian reality show only a few times, the show based on family drama.  I would I suggest a show like that for my family.   The Kardasian, or any sisters working together on a career, like the Braxton family values that can be too much drama.  Of with my family, we have more drama then the usual family issues, our issue is too many chiefs.  That would be a funny show though, to see my family starting a business together.

Atlanta seems to be the place for reality shows, Housewives of Atlanta, Crisley Knows Best, Married to Medicine and a lot more.  The next place would be New York and L.A. where they have Beverly Hills Housewives and Shahs of Sunsets.

If I had to propose one for the city, I live in San Diego, which is one of the top twenty-five places to live. Here there is always something going on, and of course the beautiful scenery of the area.  The people are great also. 

You should start with the people you know who are doing the most, that you can relate to, the ones who you can enjoy hanging out with.  Reality show can be rough on all people and relationship, even friends.  In real life, there is enough drama, but with a reality show, you want to have your own peace at the end.


Everyone needs a social crew:


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How do you handle illness?

How do you handle illness, when it is some close to you, or when it, you? When I heard Patti Labelli story, it was at her concert.  It brought tears to my eyes to hear the story of her say good-bye to her sisters one by one.  I have known people in my life that I was very close to, who died from Cancer.  You can find peace in remembering the good times.

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Ivy’s Story, “You have Cancer.”

It rains on everyone, also in your life.  Some of us will not be prepared and fall apart, as if they are the only one.  Other will know that is what is it, and go with it.  We can pray; we can be sad, just knowing that other have been where you are can be a comfort in a storm.

Ivy’s Story, “You have Cancer.”.

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I wish I had the time to do the things that I am passionate about.

These are some of my thoughts for the day.  I will help family and other, when I have the time.  Unfortunately, there is a trade-off.   It can take away from the things; I need to do for myself and the problems I have in my own life.  It can take away from where I am trying to get in life, also.




People say, I help everyone.  However, will they give help to family?


Some people won’t do for family, what they will do for a stranger. The saying is, “Charity starts at home.”







I wish I was free as a bird, and have no worries around me.    


Then I would have time to do the things that I am passionate about. 





Will you do or say one thing, but are doing something different?  I know no one knows your story of life.  They may not even be able to relate to what you are going through at this moment in time.  We all struggle at some point in our life with things that we keep to ourselves.  While we are going through these things, sometimes we get anger or even sad that others are enjoying life.  When that happens, you have to step back from the situation and look at it for what it is.  When we relax our mind from issues that we are facing, we can see that there are others who are worst off. 

Based on, “If you know what I am going through, would you care?”  by Ivy Lynns




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I wonder what Michael Jackson would be doing today?

It has been six years since Michael Jackson untimely passing.  I like so many thought he was the greatest, and was in infatuated with everything he did.  I wonder what he would be doing now if he had not passed.  Obviously, he would be going through the trying times with Blanket 12 years old, Paris 17 years old, Prince who just graduating.  Michael growing up in a large household himself; he would have been getting a reality check now that the kids he worked hard to get have grown up.  It is a blessing that his mother is still alive to take care of them, along with lots of family.    








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Dedicate some time to you.

I got up this morning overwhelmed with all the things I do for others.  Some people cannot relate to this, if you don’t live with someone else, not married, don’t have children, and no animals, not even a parent whom depends on your support.

However, the others of us who can relate to from the moment, you get up, to when you lay your head down at night,  there are a lot of responsibilities in regard to others in your life.

It is a great day, why because you woke up. Even if your life is not in the order that you want it to be, there is still time to make a change. Look at all the possibilities of the day.

Try not to look into other people world, and focus on your own. Make this day special for you.

Take one step, do one thing, complete one issue, and feel better about you.


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Can we help the future learn how to fish?

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

 Are you trying to eat for a day or a lifetime?

I was talking to one of the kids the other day as I was helping him apply for his first job.  He said when I get my first check, I am going to spend it all on baseball equipment.  







Then I ask him, are you planning to go in to continue playing baseball after high, when you go to college.  He said, “No I am not going to play sports in college I am not that good.”

I guess I should be happy that he wants to go to college.  But I did say to him, “How about putting away some of the money for the future.”  I told him that the last year of high school, there will be a lot of events, it can be costly.

I don’t every remember thinking only about myself when I  younger and earning money.  There was never a time when I could blow a whole check on myself and not think about the next day.  

Are we giving too much to the next generation that they don’t think about saving anything for their own future?

This next generation really does need to know how to fish.