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The chosen one, can it be you?

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On Sunday, the minister talked about a story in the Bible where Jesus chose a blind man and gave him sight.  He said after, “I was blind but now I can see”.

He preached about Jesus coming to a town.  When the people saw Jesus, many people begged and pleaded for his help except for a blind man. In fact, as the story goes, it was Jesus who chose this man.  There were those from the town who felt as if this blind man was not worthy enough, but Jesus saw differently.  He chose a person who was blind since birth, who never expected anything.  Jesus chose this man out of all the people who were there, to be healed.


It can be eye-opening to see how you can be chosen to do something that you never expected.  A lot of people go to college for one thing and do something different after.  Most of us have some kind of natural talent or can do something in which comes to us naturally.  Having children and raising them is a new experience for every first-time parent.  Think of all the first experience that you have had in life?  Have you ever been chosen to do something that you have never done before?  Anyone of us can be chosen, or given a chance in life when we least expect.  You can be healed not knowing that there is a problem.  At work, the boss may choose you for an opportunity to do something that we never have done.  Every day things happen all around us, it is a chance to do things differently.   Just like the blind man, you can be chosen and your life will be changed.  I guarantee you will see things differently.


John 9.3-11 Jesus Heals a man born blind


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Did you learn something from being young?

We grow older with each day and year, even if some actions may show differently. Some situations, we may have handled poorly and felt disappointed by our action. There is a saying, live and leave. We grow by the things that we go through in life.

When I was young my mother would say to me like all parents what not to do or do this.  Most parents try to guide their children in the right direction. My Mother, as many would tell me things to help me go in the right direction as a child. She would say things like get your homework done, pay attention in class, don’t stay up late, and other things when I was young. Of course, a lot of the things that my mother said went over my head I like many young kids, would rush to get homework done, pay little attention to the teacher, and just like all kids my priority was to have fun with my friends. Of course, there were the things my parent wouldn’t approve of, or the were unsafe. Later on, I would have to repeat those same words to my own children.

We learn many things from our parents and other things from going to school, the outcome will show in our life.  If you listened and paid attention to what is being said then and now there are so many lessons that are still being taught to you.