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Believe In Something

Who will share your good and your bad times? I was listening to a story yesterday about a woman who husband was divorcing her in the mist of her being diagnosed as an illness. What happened to through good times and bad? People these days go through the motion of what is expected of them; however, these days many do believe the same as they did in the past.  A lot of traditions and customs have changed along with the way people think.  Our belief in life has shifted, and many do not have strong faith when going through trouble times.  Everyone has problems, some will focus on it, and forget all the good things that have happen before they got to this point.  In school you may have had a few bad grade, however you graduated, no one can take that away from you.  One bad relationship out of ten, shows that another person will come along.  Losing one job, even when you have worked about five different ones over the last five years, can means you will most likely find another.
Even the people who go to church, they know God’s word, and what was promised.  Everyone gets tested, and your faith will be challenged.  When you are going through things in your life,  you are either going to accept the challenge or not.  Change is life’s cycle, it is what we all have to go through.  Believe that things will get better, regardless of what is going on at the moment.  In the end of the day you have to accept, move past, and be happy.
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Move forward, and know that it is all well

The message yesterday in services was about moving forward, from 2 Kings 4. 23-24. You have to know all is well (your past, present, and future) and move forward.

Food Thought 6-24

I was kind of upset (I say that because I was on the inside very), about a letter that I received the day before.  It was yet another rejection letter for something that I have been working on for months.  I knew it was coming, but I have been praying for this issue to get resolved for a while.  Some how this time I really wanted to break down and cry in disappointment.

I wanted to have my own petty party; however, when you are leaving on God, you have to know that it is not over until he says it is.  Even at that time you have to be well with the out come and know whatever it is, God does things for a reason.  Many times over the years God has been there for me when my back was against the wall, and he made a way for me.  I know this time he will also.

On occasion, we really do forget all the things God has seen us through, so when we are faced with issues, they are a reminder to us to have trust in him.  When I heard the word in the services, it was a confirmation for me.  We all have to do the same move forward regardless of what has transpired.  I feel sad when I meet someone and they seem to be holding on to what has happened in the past.  When you are faced with disappointment, will you just now do anything else?  Lose your job, not look for another one.  Lose a love one and not see anyone around us that we can love.  Get a medical diagnosis and not try to find out about your options.  We have to move forward with life.

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Are you holding on? Well this is where faith can really matter…

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by trouble.

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I know it always feels like you are the underdog when things happen to you.  We work hard, and are dedicated to everything that we do, when others will blow off work and responsibilities.  Some how nothing bothers them, while you, however, keep getting attack by the devil.  There seems to be some force that wants to keep you down.  How far do you want to fall?  Are you willing to holding on or are you going to throw in the towel?

Look at the person who seems to be doing well, would they give up?

This is what the different of faith verse no faith.  If you give up, you lose, and you know who wins then.  Count your blessing and hold on.




Food thought 8-11 (trouble)


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How do you handle illness?

How do you handle illness, when it is some close to you, or when it, you? When I heard Patti Labelli story, it was at her concert.  It brought tears to my eyes to hear the story of her say good-bye to her sisters one by one.  I have known people in my life that I was very close to, who died from Cancer.  You can find peace in remembering the good times.

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Do you need help, of course you do?

Do you need help?

Most of us will need help in some part of life, especially if we want to success.  I started a website a year ago to help promote the books I was writing and tell my stories.  It also now served as a place for my thoughts on life. 

   Of course, things have changed.  I made a simple site in the past, when I started designing beaded jewelry years ago.   At that time, I did not know it was going to be the way of my future.  There were not a lot of instructions, do this and that.  Now I am having to take web design classes because everything is more complicated these days. 


Help to Survive

If you look at all the top writers of books, movies, television show, or anything big you will see some of the most amazing websites.  In fact, I get many emails on how to help me make my site better.  There are companies that do Social Media, marketing, SEO, and other things.  It can take hours to read all the information being provided.

   Even in business you need help from those who focus is on that subject of success.  I was reading this from a website building company, “The difference between a bicycle and a Lexus.” 

Who will help you to succeed in life?  Are you willing to try something different from you have done in the past?  If you want to do better you may need to make changes in your life.  It is good at times to get, so that help so that you can succeed.  I will try to help you on your journey to success.



Are you willing to help other?