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Merry Christmas. I didn’t go into depression like I usually do during this season.

Merry Christmas, I didn’t go into depression like I usually do during this season. I could have when my cousin who claims she is broke whenever we talk, a saw on Facebook that she was on her way to Paris, France and some other places for Christmas. The true is I just stayed busier then normal, now I am tired.  This is the week we all look forward to and dread, another New Year coming up.  We can say good-bye to all the things that made us sad about this year, and look forward to another great year ahead.  I said the beginning of 2016, something felt sad about the beginning.  A lot of good people passed on, a great friend of my family, Prince, and others the list is long.  However, in coming up of 2017; I feel is going to a good year.  It the change of season.

I am going to be a little sad when the reflection of this year are aired; the things like the worst election ever.  The words said about all the people running had everyone on edge.  You can’t take it back once you put it out there, must ask Mel Gibson, and others.  My churches Bishop and other always preach on seven as completion.  That means 2017 will be a mighty good year for some of us.  I think that I will be one.



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Live By Faith

20151202_124959This is what the waiting room looked like last year when I had my third surgery for Cancer. There were lots of people waiting to hear about their love ones. I had my mother and brother who were there for me, I am grateful. I learned how to be humble when facing issues from my mom, she too was told she had Cancer few years back, two months after her triple bypass.
In church, the minister is always reminding even as Christian, people will watch you when you are going through trouble times. My mother did not over react when she was told that she had Cancer, and neither did I. We both knew that things will happen in life, and to put it in God’s hands.  You can’t give a testimony if you have not gone through anything, even though we can live by faith.
It the holiday season, a lot of people will focus on Christmas, gifts and the party, but there is another reason that is an important season, the birth of Jesus Christ.   There was no waiting room when Jesus was born, or hospital, however, many were waiting for his birth.
Have you ever had to wait, pray, hope for something?  You have to know that things get better.
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Along with being thankful, I am preparing not just the meal, but preparing for another year.

I know there two more days until Thanksgiving, than Christmas will be in full action. I have work to do, along with cooking of the meal; I always think again. I missed the mark last week on my sales presentation, there always next year. Until then, I have a lot to prepare for not just the holidays.  I am also getting ready for a sad end to 2016; we lost some good people this year, besides for Prince.  Then end of the year recap will be sad, including the farewell to #President Obama.  I will be shedding a lot of tears.  It time to think about what there is to look forward to for yourself in the coming year.


Starting with, I am thankful for each day, and the little things in my life.


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Labor Day, Thank you to the many who work for others.

There are Police officers, firemen, government workers, construction workers, military, and so many more who work to helping us.  The people who work in the fields, and in the factories, construction workers, and so on, even the gardener, they our labor.  Labor Day,  The first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.  We can’t live without other to help us in this world.  Don’t forget the people who work in the church, serving, singing, praying, and the man who preaches the word from God.  No one the work is long hours, and there are so many needs that are required.  Thank you for all you do.




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Have you forgotten a gift?


Have you forgotten a gift?

There is only a few more days left to get what you want from the stores.  Every place you go, it will be crowded, so we have to be patience.  It is possible you may not even find everything that you wanted.  If you don’t it is not the world, because the greatest gift has already been given to us.

When Jesus was born it was the greatest gift to man.   Over the years, his  grace and mercy that we have been given, they speak in volume about giving.  Sometimes we forget when as we focus of what we want and expect, during the holidays, that we have already been blessed. 

I wanted that raise; I did not get it.  I wanted a new car, so I got it.  The gifts that we are given, that are least expected can be the greatest.  The tree maybe full with decoration and present below it; however, the true gift won’t be under the tree.  It is the spirit of Jesus. 




“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. … As for me, if I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people to myself.”

John 12:32

Jesus born.


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Is it your birthday?

GiftsIn a couple of days some of us will be getting gifts in celebration of Christmas from family and friends.  Is it your birthday?

I remember when I was young we us to put out the cookies and milk for Santa to come and bring us present, something many families still do, if they have young children.

There will be a lot of lots of gifts being passed around, and some of us will have a family gathering for a meal, a lot of us will have the day off, many places will be closed in celebration of the holiday.

Is there something about the holiday that is special to you?  What will mean the most after all the present have been open and the day has ended?  Most of us look forward to the tradition of Christmas, getting present, however some of us focus of other things that it means the birth of Jesus.  Early Christian did not even celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, even those the wise men brought guess on the birthday of Jesus.  Hanukkah, Kawaza and others  celebration base on your Christmas season.

Everyone loves tradition and holiday, we should think about part of the Christmas and make memories for the years to come.  If you are celebrating the birth of Jesus take the time to worship him during the holiday, don’t make it about you when it is not your birthday being celebrated.

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Two weeks until Thanksgiving, will someone be expecting you?

ThankfulIn two weeks from today it will be Thanksgiving Day. Who wants turkey, ham, stuffing, how about some sweet potato pie?
What are you looking forward to, a day off, sports, parades, family, friends, or just a great meal?
I have a lot of family, so there will always be a place to get a good meal. However, the time spent with family and friends coming together is worth some much more; you never get the moments back. It is like one of the greatest gift from God for us to come together and give thanks.
I pray the same for everyone to connect with family and friends during the holidays.
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It’s Veterans Day. It means so much more, honor.

I remember the day when my son said he was considering going into the military.  I thought my son, who until then only focus was being a musical, and hopping cars.  I thought, who are you, where is my kick-back child.  Of course, he was in his early twenties at the time, struggling like everyone young person these days.  He went in and I admire him even more for making the decision so many would not.  I remember him calling me, while in boot camp as he realizes what a person in the military has to be ready to do, die and see death.  That is a hard for many of us when we say good-bye to love ones or any person, that we have known who die from illness or old age. There is a lot more that is required of a person in the military, when you sign up you are honoring everyone by saying I am ready to serve my county.

Everyone one knows someone who served in the military through the years.  The stories of what is required to be in the military, only few will take on that challenge.  It makes us admire them even more.  There is an honor that they carry with them, regardless of how long they served.  Whether it was Army, Navy, Marines, or any area of the military, there is pride. 

It’s Veterans Day. Thank you for your service.


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