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Don’t Feel Less

Genesis 37 – Joseph Is Sold Into Slavery by his own brothers who were jealous of him.

You should never want to think less, feel less, or do less for you. You have all the power.  Everything that you do should be for you, and you should never compare yourself to others.  Enjoy being you.

Based on, “I always wanted to do.” by Ivy Lynns











I have a lot of loves and likes this is one

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Did you learn something from being young?

We grow older with each day and year, even if some actions may show differently. Some situations, we may have handled poorly and felt disappointed by our action. There is a saying, live and leave. We grow by the things that we go through in life.

When I was young my mother would say to me like all parents what not to do or do this.  Most parents try to guide their children in the right direction. My Mother, as many would tell me things to help me go in the right direction as a child. She would say things like get your homework done, pay attention in class, don’t stay up late, and other things when I was young. Of course, a lot of the things that my mother said went over my head I like many young kids, would rush to get homework done, pay little attention to the teacher, and just like all kids my priority was to have fun with my friends. Of course, there were the things my parent wouldn’t approve of, or the were unsafe. Later on, I would have to repeat those same words to my own children.

We learn many things from our parents and other things from going to school, the outcome will show in our life.  If you listened and paid attention to what is being said then and now there are so many lessons that are still being taught to you.


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Are you going though hard times?

Congratulations to you for purchasing your first car, you are now a homeowner, they have given you the position as Supervision.  We get blessed with the things we are hoping for, and when the times comes, there are thoughts that come will to mind. 

You may be happy about achieving a goal, but I come with pressure.  You will have to give up on some things when you take on something new.  You will have to make some sacrifices, even with good things that happen to you in life, there is a price.

They put your new baby in your hands and you are happy, however, there will be years of responsibility.  

Hard times are not limited to bad times, in life, there will be many.  It can feel like the pressure of hard times, even when we get things we wanted in life. 


As Times Goes On

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This could the day, wear your green.

Try not to be salty about other people success.  When your life is in shambles, I am a firm believer that God will make it up to you.  There is luck and there is favor both require you to keep on trying.  Your day will come.

Don’t forget to wear green today, feel lucky, this could be your day.




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You don’t have to look for your blessing.

You don’t have to look for your blessing.  









Have you ever had something happen to you when you least expected?  I am talking about the things we want or pay to happen like unexpected money or a great job, those can be a blessing.  However, the least expect are the things happen to all of us, a loss of a job, not enough money to pay a medical bill.  That is a big issue for me, right now, as others.  You have to worry what will happen it you get ill and the bill is not cover.  However, it may not be the worst thing that can happen, after all, we still will be living       

There are many stories where someone had an accident in a car, a stranger comes from somewhere and saves them.  The person was there and they were willing to help, those are two good sign.  God leads certain people in your direction for a reason.  You can pray, but when things happen that was not on your prayer list, it is a blessing.  Live life and count your blessing. 


There is a saying that stranger will do more than the people who knows you?  In fact, it can feel as if the heaven has sent down an angel to save you.  


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Don’t expect things to stay the same.

They were there, then they were gone; it was there, then it was gone.  The people and everything around you can disappear be gone, no matter who you are or what you do.  Money comes and go, to a wealthy person, it may not mean anything for them to lose a million dollars in a day, to many a few hundred will hurt.  That also applies to the people or things that we count on daily, monthly or yearly.  It can feel sad when changes happen in life, especially if you are not prepared, in fact, most of us never are.  We have to accept change and go with it, these days.

The people you depend on, even that special person may walk away from you at the worst time.  Faith and acceptance are an important part of life today.  Also the little things that you do for others may mean the most to them.  There are people who mean the most,  women and the role the play in our life and in the world today.

Today is International Women’s Day, women they are playing an even larger role than ever in the world.

We pay tribute to all women around the world, and what they do for us.*


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Things come around, and they come around again.

If you asked for advice, you hope to get some.  If you paid for service, you expect to get it?  It has been a rough week for me, trying to resolve problems.  I am disappointed that after a week of going around trying to resolve problems and get help, some paid, I still have the same issues.  I thought I was going lose it a few times during the week thinking about the wasted money and time.  You can do everything that is necessary to resolve problems, and at the end of the day, it may not go right away.

Life can be like that sometimes when we want to be over and done with problems.  Some just only lead other or some issues will not be resolved in a day.


Things come around and they come around again, the money, the problems, the issues of life, that we can’t avoid.  Unless you live under a rock, even then, at some point you may be asked to move your rock.  No one is exempt from the problems of the world.  We just have to keep moving on and do our best.  Things don’t always go as planned, some things are not always simple.


How do you handle disappointments, like as you take your car to be service and the next day it breaks down?

What about if asked for help with work, and somehow it seems like the help was no help?




Two weeks before Christmas, Three weeks before a New Year.

I was reminded, yet again that God has blessed me, even when I feel as if I don’t deserve it.
A part of the song says, “To see your sins and burden up on the cross.”
I have been so blessed this year, by no one but God, when I think back.
Many times you, just like myself are in a tunnel, going each day waiting for the rain to end, even on a sunny day.  I was struggling so much that I had not realized that God was there with me in the rain, but he was.  Now that the year is almost over and I can see all the greatness that was done, and I know it was God.  You have to look back at some point and know that you are not where you use to be.
1 Kings 10.7
But I did not believe these things until I came and saw with my own eyes. Indeed, not even half was told me; in wisdom and wealth you have far exceeded the report I heard.
Two weeks before Christmas, three weeks before a New Year, and I feel thankful.