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Ivy’s Memory Makers – online magazine and book promotion

This is where I am today, trying to finish out to years with a Bang, I have something you are going to want to see.

Ivy’s Memory Makers – online magazine and book promotion.

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Free Book Promotion: Mommy’s Living Dolls

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It’s a Merry Christmas

This book has been update, now is your opportunity to get an update version. (Hint: if you downloads book before delete it first)

Merry Christmas

***Free Book Promotion***
In My Wife honor: Olivia ( Done ) E-book on
A touching love story, can Lucas get back the love of his life even after losing her for two years?
As Lucas walked to the door, she asked for his name as if they had never met before. He looked into the eyes of the woman who was talking to him, it was his wife that had been presumed dead for over two long years.
Now that Lucas knows that his wife is still alive, how far will he have to go in order to get her back?

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The Needs versus the Wants, the Greedy versus the Needy.

Can you want more than you need? Will the Greedy ever help the Needy?

I am blessed to have a family member which will cook for the holidays. I am blessed to have a home that will welcome people in who don’t have a place to go. Their family may be not be keeping the tradition of getting together for the holidays and opening up their front door to others. My family is large, and we are used to cooking above and beyond, but as long as we have food to give we will.

I also help with the church homeless ministry; I started helping my mother when she was heading the ministry at her church. Whatever she asked my or my family to do for the ministry we would. Everyone one of my brothers and sisters when asked will help if they can, we are in no way rich we just love people. When you grow up in a large family, you know about sharing the work, the food, the clothes. You also know about helping one another and other that you meet along the way.






The Greedy versus the Needy, the wants versus the needs.

We all would have love to have a big house, but to have a roof over your head can mean so much to someone else.

Do you remember the story by Hans Christian Andersen“The Emperor’s New Clothes?

When you are walking around in the top designer clothes,  and living in larger than life expensive home, what are people really seeing?

Remember the Billionaire’s Pledge, who was the Greedy who said,No Way?Like I said I come from a family of givers, we are used to sharing. You don’t have to be a billionaire to care for others, if you are wealthy, is donating a tax write off enough?

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Am I Wrong

Am I Wrong” by Nico & Vinz

 I must have heard this song, first thing in the morning, for a week straight on the VH1.  The song is great, but the words are what I was really listening to.  Thinking outside the box is something that I admire about a successful person.  A person that can take a sour lemon and makes lemonade.  I admire a person who has vision.


Have you ever been in love?  That is a vision we all want, just like we all want affection,  we want all desire it, and we all thrust for that one and only person.  There is nothing wrong with those feelings either.  The feeling of love that one person gives you, that special feeling can take you way out the box. 


The feeling for your own child can allow you to see things in a direction you never expected to go.  Remember the movie Baby Boom, with Diane Keaton, that was one of my all time favorites.  A high power executive who becomes a mother, when her cousin dies leaves her with the responsibilities of raising a small child.  After she looses her job and her boyfriend, her love for the child changed her whole vision on her life.  We all are willing to make changes when feeling are involved.

Ivy Lynn,  “I trying to open up your heart”

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Promotion of “Ivy’s Memory Makers”

I have been working on other  projects today, so I  was not able to figure out the Pro and Cons on why people like Word Press more, but it is on the list.   Until then, I still have my regard sites going to see what happens, I have: (go daddy)

Ivy Lynns. google plus (this is where I am meeting the most new people)

Ivy Lynns (facebook)

Ivys Memory, also but that is another account I don’t get.

and today……I start my first Yahoo account ever.

I try to do tweeter also.  That may take a minute, I got stuck on five people I would want to follow.