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You are pretty good at this.

I was in marketing class, when the teacher said to me, “You are pretty good at this; you should hire yourself out.”  I can’t remember anyone saying that to me about work I have done.  I am not the expert in marketing, nor have I ever consider working in marketing.  It was a compliment; I did admit that outside of the class; I had been doing a lot of research on marketing.  I told him I was a “want to be” writer/blogger; marketing is something that is needed for the process of being successful.  

In the past, I have taken many business classes.  My mother would say, when are you going to use that degree, you earned?  A degree does not guarantee you a great job; just an opportunity.  Most people these days don’t even work in the field they have a degree.  When I was in college, I wanted to be an accountant, however, I stopped when I received a degree in business.

Are you working on a goal?

When you are trying to achieve a goal, it can take you places that you never expect to go.   With the current job market being so uncertain, we have to be prepared to think out the box.  Sometimes, we have to try different things, do something that we never expect to do.  With change comes new opportunities.









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Can anything come easy in your life?

When I was in school, all the things I was learning I understood as the teacher was explaining them to me.  The teacher would go over English, Math, History, and other subjects. However, the things we learn in life were never taught to us in school.  I have been to the store a few times and notice that the cashier had to read the amount of change they were supposed to give me back.  I already added in my head, while waiting for the cashier to make the change.  Most stores have a scanner, for the prices and the computer tells them the amount to give back.










Now trying to learn the millions of programs that make up computer systems is another thing.  I have been studying Google Analytics for a week; the course was supposed to take only a couple of hours.  The program entails watching a few show videos, and then answering a couple of questions.  You would think that it would be simple for me, considering I just completed a computer programming class.  I have had so many classes in the past, what can I say I love to learn new things.  Somehow, lately nothing seems simple in life.

These days when preparing for your future, you have to also be prepared to go right, then left, no go under, then go around, in order to get where you want to be.  In the mean time, follow me to see what I learn in preparing for the future.

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Is it time for me to be promoted?

Is it time for me to be promoted? Should I launch my work, or is it time to being in the professional? For many, it is almost graduation time in schools from elementary to college. There is nothing like accomplishing something that you work hard to achieve.






I just completed my year one as a writer/blogger. It has been a rocky year learning so many new things at one time. I didn’t get as much accomplished as I would have like to, which means I have so much more to do in years two. If I was in college, I would be working toward my Masters or PhD, in at least four subjects.

FOLLOW ME, as I continue to learn what is needed to be successful in life. I have some great things coming up.
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How much is too much? There are always some good and bad ideas.

How much is too much? There are always some good and bad ideas.

Some things offered to you are good, and some are bad.  When you learn something from the bad ones, then it is good.







I remembered once I applied for a part-time job, during the holiday season, and got the job.  It was a great opportunity for me to make some extra money for the holidays.  I said I could work anytime after the 5p.m., after my regular job. So they schedule me to work starting at 5:30p.m., which was in fine because the location was less than 30 minutes away where I was working. The hours were 5:30p.m. until 1a.m., because I put anytime after 5pm.

I would go home tired as…

After a few weeks of working both jobs, it was around 11p.m.  That was the time when the employee would just be walking around straightening up for the next day.  I started to feel weak, so ask if I could leave, and their answer was, “We really would like you to stay.”

An opportunity offered to you can come with some good and some bad.  You have to be willing to take a chance and working hard with everything you do.  If you had an opportunity to make more money, by just saying yes, staying, working, would you?


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I am down in the dumps again, thanks you Google.

down hole 2I am in the dumps again, because as I have been telling I am on a journey to move up on Google’s list. I have been researching SEO and other thing that I can do.  Yesterday I was watching this video, and it said to check your webmaster.

Google Webmaster helps by giving you data and tools also there will be a diagnostic of all the things you have been doing wrong on your website.  Yesterday was the second time I went to my Webmaster to view all my sites and guess what I saw, all my errors.

It should have said, when in opened the page, “Who told you to go left when I have been right here all along.”

Now I am back to fixing errors again. Will it ever end? In the video she did give good advice about having a forwarding, just in case you are hacked, they can notify you right away.

If they say you learn from your errors, then I am learning a lot.

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Changes are coming in with the New Year. Will you be changing also?

Clock running*Change your mind

*Change your attitude

*Change you life

I have been busy with the holiday’s and trying to comprehend all these idea that are being presented to me.  Then there is the work with Google search, back linking, social media, marketing, you name it, and a partridge in a pear tree.


Not to mention meeting my deadlines that need to be met, itself can be overwhelming.  I am back to work from the early AM to the late PM, but the in between time is the problem.  With these holiday’s events and activities, it can be hard to stay focused.  Who would want to miss out?  Well, you do have to miss a few, time and money; you just have to choose the best ones for you.  Two weddings on the same day, then there are the parties after.  Weddings right in the middle of the holiday season is a lot, see good friends that you have not seen in a while makes it worth it.  We are almost to the end for the holidays and the 2014 year.  The parties make up for all the things that are going on wrong; it is great to enjoy times with other people.

You most likely won’t get everything done, if it is not done by now.  I remember when I had this job where they wanted all the work to be accounted for, so they requested that all the work be longed on the same day.  The job wanted to verify that there would be work for everyone.

One day, I was called into the manager’s office with the other person who was doing the same job; we both were longing in the work.  We were told according to the work that was logged in they only needed one of us.  So they let us both go and chose someone else to do both our jobs.  I felt really sad at first, but then when I saw my check for the two week plus with all my leave balance for being a dedicated employee.  I went out and celebrated.

What do they say if you die or tomorrow or lose your job, the company will go on? You have to be prepared for what you cannot change.

I just had something really scary happen to me the other day. I don’t know if I should say anything about it yet. It has something to do with the Google search engine tracking your information and selling it to companies. It is bad enough when they are calling you on your phone, constantly, but then to show up at your door.  I never gave you my name or my address, would this be considered the ultimate invasion of your privacy? Google that.

However, to be honest he was cute, remember I am the romance writer. Honestly, he look like he came right off a romance book cover to my door. Nevertheless, he may also be a stalker, crazy person, or mass murder.

scarecrowToday, I feel like something is missing from my brain.  Remember the scarecrow from the, “Wizard of Oz”.   The scarecrow wanted a brain so he went to see the wizard.  I have been searching through Google to help me, in the areas.  

I can’t explain what I have been working on yet, because it feels like I only have half a brain.

 I did learn to read and write when I was in school, but I am a new writer.  I am constantly having to correct my work.  In business, one error does not mean anything unless it is in the dollar amount.  When you are telling a story, it is very important.  It is hard for me because when I am thinking about a story, my mind, just like yours, may go into a hundred different direction.


The Google search engine is thinking ahead giving you bits and pieces of different information, depending on how you word your search.  How can you find the correct information?  There may be all kinds of different things that are unrelated.  You may only get a part of the information that you are looking for.  Don’t you just love it when the search engine goes ahead of you to find information?

 Basically, when I am writing it is important for me to slow down and focus on one thing at time.  When searching information through Google you have to choose your words carefully in order to get the best result.

Follow me, I have something to tell you.


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Will I find myself, on Google’s search, if I only had half a brain?

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Are you aiming for the best you ever had?

Best Thing I Never Had by Beyonce, but Drake song, is The Best Thing I Ever had

A man was thinking one day as he walked home from work one evening. God I am so tired, I have been waiting for a blessing from you.
As he as was walking a car came by and the driver pulled over to offer him a ride. The man refused.

The next day as the man was walking, even more exhaled then the day before, God, I am so tired; a bus pulled over, and the driver offered him a ride. The man refused, thanking the driver.

As he got to the corner, the man became so tired that he stopped to sit on the curve. He said, God where are you when I need you the more. God replied; I gave you a car, a bus, and if you reach into your pocket a cell phone. Why didn’t you just call someone to pick you up? 

What the best you ever had, and you did not take advantage of it?

This year is almost over; I have been writing about something that I am hoping for my inspirations; needing to do (learn new things), and of course wanting to do (make a name for myself by getting on the Google list. I try not to miss an opportunity to do better.

If I was on a professional football or any sports team, I would want to bring my game.

When you are interviewing for a promotion of or just a new job, you want to make a good impression.
If you were on a first date, and you can see that this person you want to go further with, of course you would put out all the best in places, money and personality.

Well guess what you have an opportunity each day, it could be the best experience you ever had.

Guess what, Google contacted me.  I am on the list, no where to go but up, it is going to be a great year.

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This is where I am today, Popcorn.


You can turn popcorn into a two million business? 



I was thinking about my new addiction a show called,The Profit.

I have talked about the millionaire next door next door on my website. The people that he is helping would fit into that group. These are people who have million-dollar company, but they are still struggling, so much that the checks that he is writing to the companies are like bandages. A car company worth millions, but they did have money to buy the cars. A clothing store with five locations worth four million but you can’t afford to purchase good materials for the clothing. An owner of four hair salons worth million, but you can even afford to pay your own personal bills. Then there is a popcorn stand owner who started with one stand and a two million dollar contract with Disney. She can’t even afford to repay the initial family investment for of one hundred thousand.

This is why your neighbor next door may be a millionaire, and it may appear that they are living the average life as you.

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I want to be liked or hopefully loved by Google.

We all want to be liked, be successful in anything we do.  It must be great to be part of something big or be known for what you do?  Climb a mountain, swim an ocean, be chosen for the top football team.  Would you be known if you had a top ten song on the music charts?  Or you had a small part a movie that was on the top?
Right now, my opinion to Google is worth one cent, maybe. If I walked into their office, what kind of job would they give me if I said, I am a romance writer? 

Well, that is what I am now, but I have not done many things about my life, bits and pieces, we only share what we want people to know. Our history only means something to us.

History that is the stuff you are kept in your own mind. However, for Google, history means billions.  The SEO and SERP are a couple of ways in which computer history can be matched with others all over the world.  It is the way we connect our ideas.  

 SEO is Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine.

SERP is Search engine result page.  It a listing of web page returns by key words in the search engine.   

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Now you know where I am going.  First I have to get noticed by them.  The red lips stick and high heels are on.