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Winning an award, mean being recognized for your success?

The MTV awards last night, I only watched the last hour of the show.  It was supposed to be the music awards; however it was a show that is just speechless.  Nicki Manaj, who always has a beef with someone, well add another person to her list.  Miley Cyrus who is in her own world, welcome to her playground last night.  Kanye West, who always has something to say, he had a lot to say while accepting his award.  The award must have been buzzing in back of the stage with a lot of everything.  Things like that just take away from what the show was about, winning an award.


Being lost


Everyone goes through something in life, where it can seem like you are all alone.  It is best not to go out to far away.







If you found out that you had a terminal illness, would your attitude for life change?  For the better or the worst, do you care about life?