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Some people are giver and others takes.

Are you a giver or a taker? A giver will go without some thing, a taker does not know to.
Matthew 7:12
“Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. … Therefore, all things whatsoever ye DESIRE that men should do unto you, so also shall ye do
The whole pie

If someone offered you $1,000, 000, most of us would take it.  We play the lottery just hoping to get a sliced of the pie.  When you are young, you have many choices. Most choose to in their own direction, then somewhere along the way wish that they followed the other road. You cannot go back and in the past and change what we did or didn’t do. What would you want to change in your life? Many of us wish we had a great job as a doctor lawyer, or the president of a big company. That would have required you to go to school and train which many by passed that in their lives. Most people do not want to go the extra mile in order to have that kind to job.  Right now, I am working on start my own business, even though I have a degree, it still requires a lot of hard work.  It am going to have to learn how to make the pie.  Since I am a giver I will sharing the information of how you can do it also.

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Start something, go somewhere; do nothing and you go no where.

Start something, go somewhere, do nothing and you will go no where.  I was watching this guy.  He really wanted to mow the lawn; however, the forecast said rain. Work is work, and he obviously needed the money.










Whenever we plan to do something; there seems to be other things that will get in the way.  That is how it is in life.  We can avoid a lot of things by let other issues get in the way.  Sometimes we just have to get started, regardless of what may or may not happen.  Some people will use this same reason, rain not to go to church.  However, can you use that as a reason not to go to work.  Can the excuse stop you from moving forward in life?

We have to be able to move on, regardless of what may come our way.  Don’t let the rain, or any issue stop you from seeing the big picture in your life.