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I wonder where I would be if I would have followed my dreams years ago?

Dear O and friends,

It is a new day and a new year; I am back to work. I have been designing and making beaded jewelry for over 25 years; I have sold some from time to time. I even designed my own website back then, it was a good website, even though I did not expose it at the time. Dumb of me, I deleted it about five years ago.
I didn’t think ahead, that it could grow and become a great business for me, in my future. A lot of my friends remember back in the days, when I would go to shows to sell my jewelry. Now I see people paying thousands for a simple beaded bracelet, and thousands for a website. Here I have a degree in business, and I missed my opportunity at the time, or I would not be having to start all over again. Sometimes we let other things get in the way; we go left when I should have kept going right. I wonder where I would be right now in business, if I had never stopped? 

Don’t give up on your passion, you never know where they can lead you.


This year I will talk a lot about missed opportunities, follow me.




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Apple Of My Eye

IMAG1748Apple has some new product coming out.  It is said that the imaging  for the IPhone will be better.  I have an fairly new Apple iPhone, that is not being use.  It’s along story, broken after three months.  Some things your carry will not back you on.

Taking pictures with your phone is still the number one, in the thing people love to do.

I love to take pictures, before you could take them on your phone, so now I am in heaven most of the time.
This morning I was showing my senior mother pictures of the grandson on my phone, and she still could not make out the pictures.  I have the latest Samsung, but I had to tell her what the picture was.  There was ONLY one person on the picture.

The other day I uses this same phone to take pictures.  It was funny how the phone kept snapping pictures of everything without me knowing.  Really, it was snapping away, until the one picture I wanted to take.  I was my niece getting her award.   IT DID NOT CAPTURE IT.

I guess by the time I learn to use this one, a newer version will be out.

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I need a good quote? Something new to help me be inspired.

IMAG2617Do you have things that help you, through your life?

This is part of a key chain that I have had for years. It has a saying that has stayed with me through some of my darkest moments.  It is a reminder that, everyone can lose it at times.  We just have to charge it to our mind, and not the person.


Do you have a favorite quote?

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Have you ever heard of a show called,The Profit?” This is my new addiction. Marcus Lemonis, a billionaire goes to business, most, which are million dollars companies, that are failing. First off, you wonder how can a company making millions be failing? Some of these companies would be in that group of not making enough to pay benefits for the employees, if you saw the show, you would understand. Some of the employees were working unpaid for a couple of weeks when the employer comes up short in the paying of general expenses. Most of the time it seems like sloppy business practices, and control is a big issue he is always dealing with. It is going back to my thing about how no one can do everything. I can raise my hand to all of it. However, I am learning from Marcus as he helps these million dollars companies get back on track. Of course, a few refuse to give up the control, and he has to walk away.

What I learned yesterday was to focus on one thing. A person who I have been working with me said the same thing, I did not listen, so now I am.

The word of the day is FOCUS. A main purpose or interest; direction, a clear vision.


The Profit is a reality show on CNBC. Marcus Lemonis offers to help struggling business with capital. 


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“I Feel Like Dreaming”

That everything I did people, “Liked”.



I know it is a dream, but dreams do come true, don’t they. Just like love, maybe that is a bad example. No everyone loves and likes something at one point in their life. Your mother, father, sister, brother, kids, see wife or spouse is way down on the list.

Alright then dream of success, dream of money, it is said that you have the visualize it, work on that.  In the mean time, I have a dream that you will,  “Like” me.

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“You can have whatever you like”


T.I. song, “Whatever you like”

Picture yourself working in a burger joint and someone likes what they see in you.  He tell you, “Your to pretty to be working in a place like this”.  Next thing you know you’re in another world, the world of the rich and famous.  That is a lovely thought.

What is it that you would like, the money, the fame, the lifestyle?  Can you really have whatever you like?  Some of use would like to have just half of Mark Zuckerberg money or just have half the talent of Ariana Grande.

There is a funny thing about likes.  You can have whatever you like but there is going to be some work involved, some sacrificing involved.

You can have whatever you like, but you may need to do some studying.  You may need to work a little harder.  You can have whatever you like if you stay up late not playing games on the internet but reading and learning something new.

You can have whatever you like in the present and in the future, but you will have to do some work for it.  What are the odds of winning the lottery?  Even then you have to play to win.

How many people will have someone walk up to them and say, “You can have whatever you like”.  That person most liking worked hard to have success, fame and fortune.  You can have whatever you like; or you can be just like the woman in the video waking up, and realizing she was still working at the burger joint asking people, what would you like?

Ivy Lynns