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Comic Con San Diego is over, and as usual I was not disappointed.

Comic Con San Diego comes around once a year.  It followed the San Diego fair, only by a couple of days.  Now that is it over, what is next?  I heard there is an Over-the-line tournament that just started this past weekend in San Diego. That too  is a large event; however, I am still back with Comic Con at the moment thinking about all the excitement.  I wonder did I see any star or would I know them if I did?  Do you think you would be able to recognize a celebrity if you saw one?

Life has those moments that can be filed with the greatest memories.





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Are you funny or the next Superhero?

Comic Con is here in San Diego, this week.  We just completed the Del Mar Fair, which is a large event for the county.  Now here comes the Comics along with thing people and things you can only see here.  Conan O’Brien, who is airing his show here for the week.  He knows how crazy it is.  I do not know what I enjoy about people on top of people.  The crazy costume that makes you want to put them on also.  I know for one thing the memories are a major part of it.  It is something you will never forget. I have been featuring Comic Con, so show you what great memories I had of the day or is it the stuff I would not want to forget. 

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An Opportunity can be a Blessing.  A Blessing can be an Opportunity

Would you consider an opportunity a blessing?  Some people are looking for blessings in life, but they fell to take advantage of all the opportunities given to them.  If you start from the bottom, you can learn what is needed to be on top.  There cannot be a blessing if you don’t take the opportunities that are handed to you in life.  That applies among the people around you and the events that happen in life, they both can be a blessing.  When you  for instant, do you not think there will be at least one doctor, lawyer, banker or employer, someone wealth attending.  A true believer knows; nothing is by chance.  It is an opportunity; God opens up a door for you.  You have to seize the moment that is offered to you.


Do you know people who if you invite them to events or places, they will never come?  Of course, they say yes.  Offer to help with anything you may need but when the time comes they are a, “No Show.”

Have you ever heard any of the stories about a group of people who put in money on the lottery and they won?  The whole group would put in together, except for the few who choose not to get involved.  There is always a few of non believers.  The others people put in regularly with the thought that this could be the opportunity.  A group could win; for them, it is a sacrifice to put in, with an opportunity.  It can be exciting, if you weigh the odds that a group can do better together than one alone.

Have you ever thought why do others have all the luck? Could you have missed your opportunity to be blessed?