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Beauty Is more than skin, these days

Dawn 2Do men bypass beautiful women, if they are smart?  Can a woman enjoy the company of Leonard Hofstader, or Sheldon Cooper or the type of men with a high Eyes Q like the ones on, “Big Bang Theory?

It is a new day, as far as beauty is concern.  Most men these days will not be interested in just a pretty face, they are driven to woman who can be the whole package.  The type of woman with the plus asset of a job, or a career, and a future plans?



Even the housewives shows featured successful or have a drive for success women.  Most of the show limited the children, and household things, by focusing on ambitious women with or without a men/husband.  These women aimed for more than sitting at home watching the soaps, while house cleaning.  None of their husbands had a problem with that.

As the next generation is being raised by successful women, it stands to say that men would be attracted to a  partner who has the same values.

My nephew just took two years off from college to do missionary work for his church.  He will be returning to his college studies in the fall.  I just happen to be watching is show about a group of college women, who were trying to meet men of the same religion.  Men and women of the same faith will achieve more in the future, considering both will have degrees.  Even the show where there is man who had five wives, I noticed all the women had goals and aimed for careers.

The next generation will have a lot of advantages.