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Don’t Be Confined To Your Life

Have you ever felt confined in your life? Do you know you really are not?  What confines us is what we think about in our mind.  Just ask Stevie Wonder who was born blind, it never stopped  him thinking of what he could do in his with his life.  This is how it is for most children who are prodigies. Do you know he was a child prodigy?

A person, especially a young one, endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities.

Can you image being led around since birth, but everything that you do speaks volume?  I just happen to watch the story of Stevie Wonder’s life the night before. They referred to the strength of his mother to leave his father, and then help a blind son achieve his dream.  He had an accident and was in a coma, they did think he would be able to return to the music business.  He recovered, and came back even stronger.  He dedicated a lot of time to making Martin Luther Kings birthday a holiday.  There were so many things he did as a blind man who came from nothing, it puts shame to us who can see.



There was a special tribute to Stevie Wonder last night on television, I did not know about it before I watched his story.  A lot of the top names in the music business paying tribute to Stevie Wonder, in a two-hour special.  It is heart warming anytime someone gives you props for your dedicated work. I wish I had that many people who wanted to call me friend. I can be a wonderful thing.

The last two days television should have some major rating competition with this and that final Celebrity Apprentice.  Celebrity Apprentice, Geraldo Rivera had a major ego problem.