Do you like to be afraid?

On Lifetime channel last night, I watched the Stephen King’s  movie, Big Driver.  I am not sure if he is a good writer or an even better director.  I could not turn off the television until the movie was done.


At first as I watched this movie, Big Driver,  my thought was of the GEICO commerical, people do dumb things in scary movies.  There goes the dumb woman thing and it happens.   But being true to Stephen Kings, the movie had so many levels.  I was sitting on the edge of my chair, afraid of what was going to happen next.

I have been watching Stephen King’s “Under the Dome” also which is a good show, this guy is all over the place now a Lifetime movie.  Say Lifetime Channel to anyone, that the women’s station.  Why would they put a movie like this on my Lifetime Channel, where is my love stories?

I use to like scary movies and shows in the old days, like Twilight Zone and The Outlimits.  I also have watched some of the scary movies at the theater, now I wait until they have been edited for television, because they go to far these days with the blood and the killing.  I know it is a movie, but I don’t want to watch the overkill parts.

Some parts of this movie are bad also, you have to see this movie to understand what I am talking about.  It will touch all your fear buttons.   But the turn around of the movies is very good for a scary movie.