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Your hair style outdated, your clothes outdated, your ideas are outdated, also. What does that say about you?

It’s time to make some changes.


We can’t hold on to the past, just like we can’t stay in the past.


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I wonder where I would be if I would have followed my dreams years ago?

Dear O and friends,

It is a new day and a new year; I am back to work. I have been designing and making beaded jewelry for over 25 years; I have sold some from time to time. I even designed my own website back then, it was a good website, even though I did not expose it at the time. Dumb of me, I deleted it about five years ago.
I didn’t think ahead, that it could grow and become a great business for me, in my future. A lot of my friends remember back in the days, when I would go to shows to sell my jewelry. Now I see people paying thousands for a simple beaded bracelet, and thousands for a website. Here I have a degree in business, and I missed my opportunity at the time, or I would not be having to start all over again. Sometimes we let other things get in the way; we go left when I should have kept going right. I wonder where I would be right now in business, if I had never stopped? 

Don’t give up on your passion, you never know where they can lead you.


This year I will talk a lot about missed opportunities, follow me.




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What we want may not be what we have, however…

It would be nice if we all could achieve half the goals we wanted in life.  However, very few do, most of us struggle just to keep up with daily life.  Many of us don’t watch the news because of the state of the world.

These today’s are filled with more issues than ever before.  We can’t even agree on which person would be a better choice for President,  Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton.  Which one will help us to move forward as a country?  By our choice of either one, how will they help us to get more jobs in this country?  To much of their time is being spent on bad mouthing each other.  Who is losing this campaign one of them, or us as a county?

Our world focus right now is on issue gun control, that we don’t have time to focus on the homeless. Right after November election comes the holidays, which means more people laid off.  I can almost guarantee that this will be the worst year ever.

Nothing is simple these days.  The Politics, the world issues of guns, the economy, and our money leave us with less time to focus on the American Dream of a happy life.  What will our future hold? Even the relationship, and families are being affected by the things going on today.

What we want may not be what we have, however… (to be continue)


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Homeless outreach