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Are you working on that million dollars idea?

Dear O and Friends, it is time to get back on track. I have been busy these last few weeks attending a wedding and two reception.  One wedding just happens to be for the Bishop, who is also an attorney, at the church I attend.  With all the things going on during these last few days, I also have been working less on my website, which I needed to get in order.  Promoting a website is a large job in itself.  However, if I want it to make money there is a large amount of time that needs to be dedicated to it.  That apply to anything you do in life.  Working on be a success can be hard.  Are you working on that million-dollar idea?  What you are doing today that will affect how successful you will afterward?
I was listening to a story about a woman who started tracking her daily activities in life.  She would write and show pictures of the little things that she did each day.  She wrote about her exercising routine, cooking a healthy meal, caring for her family, and so on.  This help her and others, who could relate to what she was doing, now she is making millions of dollars.  It that social media, drawing in advertiser.  Many people viewed her stories, and she developed a social following.  This is just one ways to be successful these days.
Most business will start with one good idea, and a lot of work. These day’s sharing is a major part of the process. People have to like what you are doing, as with any job.  Whether you are an attorney who represents clients, or a Bishop, who is preaching a word from God. You want to say something that will impact others, that is how great ideas grow along with people who will following.
Do you see yourself doing something great in life? A you working toward that goal?
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Do I have your ATTENTION now?

If Eve worked in marketing, and she tried to sell Adam the apple, how would she market it?  Most people know the story of Adam and Eve, and wonder what could she have said in order convenience him to take a bite.


adam and eve

apple bite


Getting people attention, that is what marketing is about.  Do I have your ATTENTION now?

I have only a few more days left, then I will have completed my marketing class. This is what I learned so far, about effective marketing it is about getting people attention.  You have to be able to draw them in, so that they will remember you or your product.

We did an assignment in class on effective marketing; it was based upon the percent of attention you can get from an advertisement.  I followed up with my own project; in which I posted something that was viewed by almost 8,000 in one day.   However, only four people responded back.  Getting people attention is one thing; it is great in marketing when people respond but to your conversation or repost your share.  I bet Eve grabbed the largest, juicy, red apple she saw, to get Adam’s attention.

Who is the most famous person you know?  Is there a commercials or advertisement sticks in your mind?   What is it that you remember about them?

I bet no one will forget what Will Smith son, Jaden Smith wore to his prom.

Have you ever tried to get someone attention?

Soon I have something to show you, I just know you are going to love it.

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Can anything come easy in your life?

When I was in school, all the things I was learning I understood as the teacher was explaining them to me.  The teacher would go over English, Math, History, and other subjects. However, the things we learn in life were never taught to us in school.  I have been to the store a few times and notice that the cashier had to read the amount of change they were supposed to give me back.  I already added in my head, while waiting for the cashier to make the change.  Most stores have a scanner, for the prices and the computer tells them the amount to give back.










Now trying to learn the millions of programs that make up computer systems is another thing.  I have been studying Google Analytics for a week; the course was supposed to take only a couple of hours.  The program entails watching a few show videos, and then answering a couple of questions.  You would think that it would be simple for me, considering I just completed a computer programming class.  I have had so many classes in the past, what can I say I love to learn new things.  Somehow, lately nothing seems simple in life.

These days when preparing for your future, you have to also be prepared to go right, then left, no go under, then go around, in order to get where you want to be.  In the mean time, follow me to see what I learn in preparing for the future.

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Is it time for me to be promoted?

Is it time for me to be promoted? Should I launch my work, or is it time to being in the professional? For many, it is almost graduation time in schools from elementary to college. There is nothing like accomplishing something that you work hard to achieve.






I just completed my year one as a writer/blogger. It has been a rocky year learning so many new things at one time. I didn’t get as much accomplished as I would have like to, which means I have so much more to do in years two. If I was in college, I would be working toward my Masters or PhD, in at least four subjects.

FOLLOW ME, as I continue to learn what is needed to be successful in life. I have some great things coming up.
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Happy Valentine Day

I am going to make you love me.

It is Valentine Day’s so it is the perfect time to show you what I have been working on.  You are going to love it.

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I am down in the dumps again, thanks you Google.

down hole 2I am in the dumps again, because as I have been telling I am on a journey to move up on Google’s list. I have been researching SEO and other thing that I can do.  Yesterday I was watching this video, and it said to check your webmaster.

Google Webmaster helps by giving you data and tools also there will be a diagnostic of all the things you have been doing wrong on your website.  Yesterday was the second time I went to my Webmaster to view all my sites and guess what I saw, all my errors.

It should have said, when in opened the page, “Who told you to go left when I have been right here all along.”

Now I am back to fixing errors again. Will it ever end? In the video she did give good advice about having a forwarding, just in case you are hacked, they can notify you right away.

If they say you learn from your errors, then I am learning a lot.

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Will I be a winner in 2015? Can WE have success in 2015?

I know success does not happen overnight. Most people won’t do it alone, they need a winning team. The trail that I am following is still in its first year, so it may be some time before I see a major return on my hard work to be a success in the many things I am working on.  There is my romance writing. In addition I am working on having a great website, both have a long road ahead in order make the mark at the moment.

The other day, I was talking the person who had this website vision with me. Actually, he had the vision, and I was just going along to learn. He said he did not understand what I was showing him, because he had stopped working on it and but I continued. I am still aiming to know about the best websites designing, programs, marketing techniques and promotion. This coming up new year I have a lot to learn. Follow me, let’s continue together.

We are given so many chances to start anew.

Each morning we have a chance to start with a new day.

At the end on the week, we think to thank God the week is over.

Then we have a new month, and a new year.





That is a big one for most of us because it is the time to think about how we can do better, in our lives. Some will pray for changes that did not happen in the past year. Some will pray for changes that we are hoping for in the new year.

I do not know why it is that we wait until the year is at the ends to think all the things that we should have done. We plan for the next year to do better. At the end of the year, most of us will have something that, we want to happen in the new years.
It a mindset thing, that goes along with thinking about our future. There is the thoughts of all the things we want for our self that can be accomplished when we know we have a full years. We want to do so much more than we did the year before.

The question is when set these New Year goals are
they be realistic? How much can we achieve in the first three months, what about within six months, when you are thinking about a year?

I am no different, even though someone mentions that it might take years to be really successful. I try to calculate how far I can get in a year. I may be hope and praying for something will not happen next year or the year after.

Can you lose 50 pounds in a months or is it reasonable to plan ten pounds a month, that is 120 pounds in a year?  

Will you be setting goals for the whole year? Can you goals be accomplished in a month or two? So that at the end of next years you won’t be having to start again.

I just had something really scary happen to me the other day. I don’t know if I should say anything about it yet. It has something to do with the Google search engine tracking your information and selling it to companies. It is bad enough when they are calling you on your phone, constantly, but then to show up at your door.  I never gave you my name or my address, would this be considered the ultimate invasion of your privacy? Google that.

However, to be honest he was cute, remember I am the romance writer. Honestly, he look like he came right off a romance book cover to my door. Nevertheless, he may also be a stalker, crazy person, or mass murder.

scarecrowToday, I feel like something is missing from my brain.  Remember the scarecrow from the, “Wizard of Oz”.   The scarecrow wanted a brain so he went to see the wizard.  I have been searching through Google to help me, in the areas.  

I can’t explain what I have been working on yet, because it feels like I only have half a brain.

 I did learn to read and write when I was in school, but I am a new writer.  I am constantly having to correct my work.  In business, one error does not mean anything unless it is in the dollar amount.  When you are telling a story, it is very important.  It is hard for me because when I am thinking about a story, my mind, just like yours, may go into a hundred different direction.


The Google search engine is thinking ahead giving you bits and pieces of different information, depending on how you word your search.  How can you find the correct information?  There may be all kinds of different things that are unrelated.  You may only get a part of the information that you are looking for.  Don’t you just love it when the search engine goes ahead of you to find information?

 Basically, when I am writing it is important for me to slow down and focus on one thing at time.  When searching information through Google you have to choose your words carefully in order to get the best result.

Follow me, I have something to tell you.


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Will I find myself, on Google’s search, if I only had half a brain?

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Who thinks of these things, as you are instructed to do something this way?

Have you ever wondered, who thinks of these things? As you are told of yet another change by the BOSS. The person who is responsible, gets to make the decision.

SEO, Google, search engine, visibility, optimization, traffic


The search for help.

I am still trying to comprehend some of these different ideals to optimize a website. These SEO are supposed to be very important, so I am trying to understand it. I have the SEO on my sight. Next thing is to figure out what it is supposed to do and is it working.

I was reading about it, because on my website just like other websites it plays an important part of getting traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization, is the way they are about to find your website. It helps in the visibility to your website.

That will be this week assignment along with the other things that I have to do.  It is that time, can you say, EDIT.  This is going to be a busy week for me.  I was reading something very interesting yesterday that I liked about SEO.


Don’t forget to “follow me”, we have some places to go.